She’s Got Personality

Yesterday, we went out on our first outing with the dogs.  Actually, since it was quite cold outside, so we just took a quick stroll around the block.  Haruka didn’t partically show a like or dislike to being outside.  The sunlight seemed to have bothered her a bit, but that was really about it.

Up until recently, Haruka has really been nothing more than a pooing, peeing, burping, sleeping, vomiting, screaming, and crying maggot with no real personality (to put things harshly, but very frankly).   Her only real means of communication was to cry, which put an immense amount of stress on all of us (including the dogs, who would put distance between themselves and her, everytime she start her little fits.)

Little by little, things are starting to change.  Haruka is discovering new ways of communicating other than crying and waving her arms and feet around, like she has been.  Before, when she woke up in the mornings, the first thing she would do is cry.  And although that hasn’t really changed, instead of continuously crying until we shoved a bottle in her mouth to quiet her, she would stop as soon as one of us picks her up.  In some cases, just walking over to her crib or cradle or wherever she happens to be, is enough to quiet her.  Futhermore, she has been making a lot of eye contact with us and laughs when we talk to her.   She’s particularly fond of when one of us says “oooooooo” to her.  Not sure why, bust she seems to be the most responsive to this sound and often repeats it or laughs when she hears it.  This is a refreshing change from just shoving a bottle in her mouth when she cries, and rocking her to sleep when she’s done.  Now I feel as if I have to some degree established a better bond with her, whereas before she seemed to be no more than an oversized goldfish with a very loud voice.  I  know that she still has a long ways to go, but at least the change has begun.

Smiles everyone, smiles!


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