Into the Groove

Today we took Haruka to the hospital for her one month check (2 weeks late due to the winter holidays).  And as expected, Haruka is in perfect health and flourishing well.  As a matter of fact, the pediatrician commented that she has gained more weight than normal, but still within good range. 

She was a trooper today.  She didn’t even cry once throughout the whole check up.  As a matter of fact, aside from accidently peeing all over the scale when she was being weighed, she was very good today. She made a lot of gurgling and cooing sounds as if she enjoyed the extra attention, which the pediatrician commented as being a good thing.  She even smiled a couple of times.  Fortunately, Haruka passed her 1 month check with flying colors, which made us all happy.

Seeing Haruka everday, I guess it didn’t quite register in my mind as to how much she has actually grown and changed in the last month, unless I look at past pictures.  The only real indicator was an occasional strain in the back and neck from carrying her too long, or when I noticed that my fingers don’t quite wrap around her head as well as they used to when I give her her bath.  But today, when we went to the hospital and saw a baby who was in for his 1 week checkup, it became really apparent as to how much Haruka has really grown.  Because compared to that one week old, Haruka looked huge, even though she’s still very tiny.

Later, we looked at Haruka’s growth schedule book (which was given to us by the hospital when my wife first learned she was pregnant), and did a comparison between her size now to when she was born.  The numbers tell the whole story, she’s definately showing a good healthy growth spurt.

Growth Comparison Chart

  at birth 1 month old difference
Height 51cm 54.5+ cm +3.5 cm
Weight 2706 grams 4236 grams +1530 grams
Chest size 30.5 cm 36.0 cm +5.5 cm
Head size 31.0 cm 37.3 cm +6.3 cm

Some pictures from today

Waiting patiently for her turn

Getting checked out by the doctor

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