Up until now, Haruka has had very little control over her body.  Often times, we would put her to sleep and she would wake up crying minutes later because she had slapped herself in the face or poked her eye with her fingers.  A few weeks ago, my wife was shocked to see Haru sticking up her middle finger at her.  Undoubtably, it was not a controlled action, but quite funny.  Swaddling has cut down the attacks from the anarchic extremities, and she is starting gain some degree of control.

Lately, Haru’s favorite past time has been to sit up and look at her mother or me.  She has better control over her neck muscles now, so she is able to sit up with some support and turn her head back and forth. She’s also getting good at immitating facial expressions and making gurgling sounds.

But the one thing Haruka likes to do the most is standing up.  Of course, she can’t do this without help, but she love to stand on my lap while I hold her up.  She even jumps up and down, or at least tries to. 

 I can tell that her legs have gotten a lot stronger.  When I lay her on her stomach, she’ll try to push herself along the floor with her legs like a little worm.  She still needs a lot of practice before her dragging turns into a real crawl, but it’s a good start.


Haruka sitting on mom’s lap.

Princess consoling Haruka after a session of crying.

Haruka enjoying her milk.

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