Some New Stuff

Haruka has relatives in Japan who don’t read English too well but often visits this site just to see her pictures.  So lately, I have been trying to include at least one picture in each post just to give some fan service.

Unfortunately since returning to work last Monday, I have had less opportunities to take pictures of our beloved daughter.  So at times, I have had to hold off on writing new stuff until I take at least one presentable picture of her.  But now, this is no longer a problem.

I have finally completed Haruka’s Picture Gallery (link can be also be found on the left of this page).  But in the interest of privacy and safety, I have password protected this page.  I will email the password to family friends and relatives as soon as I can.  If you don’t receive email from me or my wife with the password, and if you think you’re our friend or a relative, then please just email me or leave a comment.  If we know and trust you, I will most likely send you the password, otherwise just enjoy the pictures that will periodically appear in the blog.

The pictures in the gallery will be updated once a week until Haruka is 8 weeks old, then once a month after that.  Also I have changed some of the links in the “My Favorite Links” section.  They are basically some of the sites I visit often to research baby stuff.

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