So Blessed

Today, we had Haruka blessed at the neighborhood Buddhist shrine.  With her ever changing temperament, I wasn’t sure if she would be able sit though the priest’s incantations, but she was very good through almost the whole thing.  I guess the experience of being somewhere she’s never been captured her attention for a while, but towards the end, she got a bit fussy.  But with the combination of the cold breeze outside, and possibly hunger -because it was so close to her feeding time, it’s was perfectly understandable that she got a bit impatient towards the end.  Even I was hoping that the ceromony would end quickly because it was quite cold today.  I was just happy that she didn’t cry through the entire blessing ceremony like I expected her to.

Afterwards, my wife, my mother, Haruka and I had lunch at our house and spend a quiet afternoon at home.  Originally, we were planning to go out to have lunch at a proper restaurant followed by a professional photo shoot across town, but Haruka  probably wouldn’t have been in the mood for it.  And besides, I’ve already got a whole hard disk full of pictures of her crying, so I didn’t need anymore.  So we decided to wait until she’s a bit older and has developed enough patience to sit through a photo shoot.  Also, I think it would be better to have proper pictures taken when she has a fuller head of hair.


Our baby orangutan in her formal attire before the blessing

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