Happy New Years!

We spent New Years Eve with relatives like we do every year.  We weren’t sure how Haruka would react to being in a room full of people.  At first, she seemed to be doing fine.  My uncle’s wife held her most of the time and aside from a few whimpers here and there, she seemed to be doing okay.

However, later in the evening Haruka seemed to get a bit restless.  This then escalated into a full fledge screaming tantrum that lasted off and on until this evening.  We both got very little sleep and so we are both very tired.  My wife managed to get some sleep earlier this afternoon, and I managed get some sleep during the late afternoon, while we both took turns tending to Haruka’s intermittant tantrum flare ups.

Haruka, dressed up for the new year’s celebration

A smile for the camera

Another smile

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