Busting Out at the Seams

It’s been 3 weeks since Haruka came home from the hospital.  Its been a very hard 3 weeks, but things have been improving gradually in the last few days.  Although she still tends to cry a lot, lately she’s been crying for a reason (like dirty diapers or she’s hungry).  Her meaningless crying has slowly been decreasing, but when it does happen, it seems that the intensity has gotten stronger.  She’s a lot stronger and louder than she was just two weeks ago (which is good….I suppose).  Constipation is definately gone, and her ability to process gas from the baby formula is getting a lot better. 

We’ve been told by a few people now, including the pediatrician at the hospital and my wife’s mother that Haruka has really long leg’s for her age.  I didn’t really take this seriously until yesterday, when we clothed her with the clothes she wore just last week and noticed that it fits very tight now.  At first we thought that it probably just shrunk in the wash, but when we clothed her in a baby pajamas made for a six month old, she almost fit in it.  It’s a bit bulky of course, but she almost fills out its length.  We figure that probably in another few weeks or so, she will fill it out.

The other challenge has been trying to get off of formula and onto breast milk.   Although breast milk is more nourishing than formula, it’s biggest disadvantage is not knowing how much she drank, and that it’s a lot less filling than formula,  so it takes longer to breast feed, and it has to happen more often than formula.  So for now, we are doing 50-50, so that my wife doesn’t have to spend most of the day feeding.

Finally, last night as she slept on the sofa, I noticed that Haruka has gotten a bit more daker complected than she was a few weeks ago.  She’s definately darker than my wife now, and the tips if her fingers, and the tops of her ears are pretty dark.  Not sure what this will amount to in her future appearance, so it will be interesting to find out.

Haruka's smile

Haruka, smiling for the camera

Another Smile

Another smile

helix of the ear

Here, you can clearly see that the lobes of her ears are lighter than the top of the helix.

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