Fashionably Late

Yesterday was the official due date, which makes this baby officially post term.  We went to the hospital yesterday and it seems that other than being late, the baby is doing fine.  She looks to have dropped a bit and my wife says that she can feel a slight difference now, which is good.

Although no one can really predict when she will finally arrive, I have a feeling it will be sometime within the next 6 or 7 days or so.  Of course, I am no expert and there is no real scientific explanation behind my prediction.  Maybe its just wishful thinking.  However, next weekend there will be a full moon, and it is said that a lot of babies are born on full moons.

At the hospital yesterday, my wife had her membranes stripped , which is a process of manually separating the the amniotic sac from the uterus.  By doing this, it’s suppose to allow engagement happen easier, hence bringing on labor a bit more quickly.  A lot of people complain that this is a painful procedure, and I guess they were right because my wife experienced some really sharp pains last night, but they subsided after a while.

Finally, we got yet another sonogram yesterday.  It looks very similar to the one taken a couple of weeks ago. I was hoping that there wouldn’t be a sonogram for week 40, but here it is.  I hope there won’t be one for week 41.

Haruka at week 40 

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