Full Term!

As of today, Haruka is a full term baby!  This means that [[pre-natal]] development is pretty much over, and she is ready to be born.  We went to the hospital today to get another check up and the doctor said that she still has not dropped (which is not a real big deal) and  encouraged my wife to be more active.  More activity (like taking walks or even going up and down the stairs) will push the baby lower into the birth canal.  But at this point, we still have another 3 weeks before the due date, so there is no real hurry in forcing the baby into position.  We’ll just let it happen naturally.

The baby weighs 2968 grams today (which is just over 6 pounds), which is a bit big for her fetal age, but not as big as the 3100 grams the doctor quoted last week.  By the way I was right, the doctor did miscalculate the weight last week. 🙂  If this pregnancy goes the full 40 weeks, she will be about 3500 grams, which is about 8 pounds.  A bit big, but a healthy big.

While still an unknown, there have been theories, and studies as to what triggers labor.  Some studies suggest that it happens when the baby’s lungs as fully developed. This sends a signal to the mother’s brain to trigger contractions.  However this theory doesn’t explain pre-term or post-term labor, and why they happen.

Finally, we got more 2D sonograms.  I was able to figure it out right away, but my wife had a hard time figuring out what’s what.  So I drew a real simple picture as to how the baby is positioned.  The 3D pictures (posted in earlier posts and can be accessed by clicking on Ultrasounds on the side bar on the right) are still the best.

Anyways, here they are…enjoy!

 Haruka's face in 2D

This songram is a shot of only half of her face.  One of her eyes (eyelids) and her nose can be seen if you have a good imagination.

My really lame drawing

Here is a really rough drawing of what the sonogram is showing, if you have hard time seeing it.

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