New Hospital, New Doctor

Up until yesterday, we have been going to a clinic near the train station to do all of the checkups.  It was very convenient in that we were able to stop by on the way home from work in the evenings, and it was never too crowded.   At most, we would wait about 20 minutes, but the doctor would make up for it by giving us a long sonogram session in 2D, 3D and 4D.  On top of that, we didn’t have to waste a weekend at the hospital waiting our turn.  The only drawbacks to this clinc is that they don’t do deliveries.   Therefore, we had to change hospitals and doctors.

Yesterday, we visted the new hospital.  This place is far from being convenient because we have to drive to get there.  Its only about 15 to 20 minutes away from our house, but it still doesn’t quite live up to the convenience of being able to just stop in on the way home from work.

Secondly, the new hospital is quite big.  This means that there are a lot of patients, which translates into a much longer wait to see the doctor.  The last time we were there it  took literally the whole day.  We got there at about 10AM, and we were there until about 5PM, which wasted our whole day.   And most of the 7 hours there, were spent waiting for our turn. This was a far cry from the usual 15-20 minutes (at most) we usually had to wait at the clinic.  In addtion, by the time got to see the doctor, he must have been tired or something because he was really in a bad mood, and spent maybe a grand total of only 4 minutes with us.  So we weren’t looking forward to going back  to this hospital.

However, yesterday our overall experience at the hospital was much better than the last time.  He got to the hospital just before 1pm this time, figuring that there would be less people in the afternoon session.  The wait still took a while, but it was MUCH less than the last time.  But unlike the clinic, the same doctor doesn’t do everything.  There must be about 7 different nurses or assistants, who do each different things like take blood pressure, blood tests, weight and measurements, etc.  And for each, nurse, there is a line.   The lines go by pretty quickly but its so inefficient and impersonal in my opinion.

We waited a total of an hour and half, or maybe a bit more to see the doctor this time, which is a much better than the 7 hours we waited the last time.  Also, the doctor must have had his lunch this time, because he was in a much better mood.  He even tried to speak to me in English.  He asked me if this was our first time to see him.  My initial thought was you don’t even remember us? But, I figured that with the volume of patients he gets, its probably easy to forget.

The doctor even spent more time with us this time.  Maybe about 15 minutes total, of which about half of the time was spent on the sonogram machine.  But since it was a 2D machine, it wasn’t too interesting.  They will start offering 4D scans starting next month, but we agreed that it wouldn’t be worth the time and money.  Besides, we have less than 8 weeks to go, so we decided to just wait until the birth.

the hospital lobby

The hospital lobby

the hallways

the hallways

the waiting room

the waiting room


the patio near the waiting room

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