OT: Injured leg

Nothing too new to report. The baby has been quite active this week. A lot of restlessness and kicking. The only difference is that up until now, the kicks were noticeable only if I happened to have my hand on my wife’s belly at the time. Nowadays, its quite visible. My wife even mentioned that the baby kicked the remote control (for the TV) when my wife place it on her stomach.

Since Monday morning, Princess, one of our White Terriers, has been limping. It seems that her left hind leg is bothering her. Not quite
sure what the problem could be. The strange part is that she was fine that same morning until she went downstairs. We suspect that she may have hurt herself on the stairs.

I took a look at her leg and her feet to make sure that she was okay. Her middle toe seems a bit stiff (at least stiffer than the toe on he other leg), but she still could bend it without any noticeable pain. At first I suspected that she may have fracture her toe, but there was no signs of swelling.

We were going to see the vet, but then I read on the web that vets really do much in these cases other than putting bandages on or in extreme
cases put a cast on. Many people say that the vets will charge as much as $700 for x-rays and what-nots, so we decided to wait a bit to see if
she’d be okay if given some time. We gave her a quarter dose of aspirin to reduce whatever pain she may have.

She hasn’t lost a bit of her appetite. Still eats…A LOT. Last night, she even jump off of the sofa and ran (limping parts if the way) when
she heard me making her dinner. Sure sign that she isn’t in too much pain. Last night, she even chased her little a bit in the bedroom, and
she seems to walk a bit straighter on carpet and on the bed where its softer, so it seems that harder surfaces bother her a bit. But its very
clear that she will heal without a vets help if we just leave her alone.

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