Dosukoi! Our little sumo wrestler

I think my wife has been a bit overly concerned that Haruka’s face has grown rounder in the last couple weeks. Having looked at other sonograms of babys at about the same age, they all pretty much look the same to me. The baby is suppose to form a lot of fat layers throughout their bodies, which is necessary so that they can maintain their body temperatures outside of the womb. Without the fat, they would have a very hard time maintaining equilibrium temperature, which is why premature babies are kept in incubators.

However, I did notice that her nose looks a bit smooshed. I suspect that her face is pressed up against something like it has been for the last several weeks. In the beginning, she like to press her face up to the placenta. Since she has turned, I’m not sure what she has her face pressed up against now, but it does look like her nose is smooshed against something.

Below are the probably the last 4D sonograms we will be getting. Not sure if the new hospital will be taking 4D’s, so might not be able to see Haruka’s face again until she is born. There is less than 10 weeks left, which is unbelievable. At times I think that time is going by slowly. But other times I feel as if time is flying by. This is definately one of those times when I feel as if things are going by quickly.

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