28th week sonogram

Last night we went for the 28th week sonogram. The baby has grown significantly in the last 3 weeks. She weighs around 1100 grams (about 2.5lbs) so she is about on par with the average according to the Baby Centre website. It hard to believe that in the next 10 to 12 weeks, she is going to triple in weight.

She is very well developed and he facial features are becoming more and more pronounced although we could only see her profile last night. My wife still insists that she looks more like me. I can’t tell. All I can really tell is that she doesn’t really look too much like my wife.

The tech initially had a hard time getting a good shot of her face because she was coving her face with her hand. This kid must be really shy because up until now she has always tried to cover her face with something. But when the physician took over, he was able to get a really good shot of her profile. She let out a huge yawn and then went to sleep.

Anyways, here is a picture of her profile. Apparently, her nose is my nose, but I didn’t have that nose when I was a baby. My nose was very flat with hardly any visible bridge, whereas she she seems to have a very pronounced bridge.

Haruka's profile at 28 weeks

And here is the video. It’s eight and half minutes long and a bit boring until the end.

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