We’re back!

Last week, we moved into our new house. Despite having the movers do all the packing for us, it was still quite an ordeal. A lot of our stuff is still packed away in several boxes and we’ve been (trying) to unpack things little by little.

I was able to get high speed fiber optic internet installed over the weekend. Its quite fast which should make this site a bit faster too. My blog server is still not in its final spot and I’ve got cables running out of the walls temporarily until I can set up things more properly. So this site may go up down throughout the week.

The pregancy is in its 27th week (baby is 26 weeks), everything is going well. According to some sites, our baby is a bit bigger than average. At 25 weeks, the doctor told us she is about 750 grams (about 1.5lbs). According to the Baby Centre site, at 25 weeks, the average baby should only be 660 grams. But I guess its better to be big than smaller than normal.

The next sonogram should be in 2 weeks. They will become more frequent as we near the third trimester. Hopefully we can get better face shots next time. 🙂

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