25th week sonogram…first look at Haruka’s face

It’ been a while since the last entry. We are in the process of moving into our new house so things have been pretty hectic. Tomorrow, we will be moving everying into the new house so this site will be offline for about a week or so, until I can get internet connection established at the new place.

Last night we went to the clinic for the 25th week checkup. As usual, everything checked out pretty normally. The baby is slightly bigger than average. She should be at around 650 grams (1.5 lbs) more or less, but she is weighing in at over 700 grams. No big deal. I’d rather have her weigh in a bit big rather than undersized.

The doctor also confirmed for the third time that the baby is most likely a girl, which is a thrill for me. People tell me that girls are closer to their fathers than their mothers so I am looking forward to having a close relationship with my daughter.

Lastly, for the first time, we were able to get a relatively clear look at what Haruka’s face will look like. However, in the video, its a bit unclear because the placenta and the umblical cord was in the way. It was as if she didn’t want us to see her face, because she was seemingly holding the cord in front of her face. The doctor tried to adjust the machine to be able see through the cord and placenta. But every time he intensified the ultrasound, it penetrated through her face and made her look somewhat skeletal (and scarey).

From what little we could see, my wife thinks she will look like me. She said that the nose and mouth area looks like me. I’m not sure if agree or disagree, because to me all babies look alike. But it will be interesting to see Haruka’s face again.

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