28th week sonogram

Last night we went for the 28th week sonogram. The baby has grown significantly in the last 3 weeks. She weighs around 1100 grams (about 2.5lbs) so she is about on par with the average according to the Baby Centre website. It hard to believe that in the next 10 to 12 weeks, she is going to triple in weight.

She is very well developed and he facial features are becoming more and more pronounced although we could only see her profile last night. My wife still insists that she looks more like me. I can’t tell. All I can really tell is that she doesn’t really look too much like my wife.

The tech initially had a hard time getting a good shot of her face because she was coving her face with her hand. This kid must be really shy because up until now she has always tried to cover her face with something. But when the physician took over, he was able to get a really good shot of her profile. She let out a huge yawn and then went to sleep.

Anyways, here is a picture of her profile. Apparently, her nose is my nose, but I didn’t have that nose when I was a baby. My nose was very flat with hardly any visible bridge, whereas she she seems to have a very pronounced bridge.

Haruka's profile at 28 weeks

And here is the video. It’s eight and half minutes long and a bit boring until the end.

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27th week! 13 more to go!

This is a big week in baby development because it marks the beginning of the third trimester. Yup, we’re coming down to the home stretch. If all goes well, there are only 13 more weeks left until Haruka-Victoria is born. Mom’s belly is getting noticeably bigger these days, and she has been less energetic.

Baby Movements

The baby has been moving but the movements have been less jerky as before. But when she does move, the motions are pretty big. On occassions, I can even feel her move. It’s pretty amazing.

Baby Plus

It’s been 9 weeks since we started using Baby Plus. She is on her 9th lesson, and the rhythms are pretty quick and complex. Again, we won’t be able tell if all of this had any affect until she is born. But if all of this works at all, this weeks and the weeks that follow will be imprtant because cognitive development is happening pretty quickly, especially with audio and visual comprehension.

Off Topic: More pics of the house

Yesterday, we spent a lot of time cleaning the house. The bedroom is a lot more presentable now. The living room, guest room, and Japanese room still needs work and probably won’t be completely tidied up for several more weeks as we sort all of the moving boxes.

The same view

The same view as my previous entry.

The north side
The north side of the bedroom. Originally this side had a stack of boxes, so I couldn’t take pictures of it, but now its nice and tidy.

The bedroom entrance.

Here is the entrance to the bedroom.

The Bed
This is our bed. King sized beds are pretty rare in Japan so king sized comforter sets are really expensive. The can run from $1000 to $2000 for a set. This one I bought on the internet. Not too pleased about the color but it will do for now.


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Off Topic: Our House

This is a bit off topic. I just wanted to post up some photos of our house. We aren’t quite done unpacking so I will only post the pictures of the rooms that look decent.

The garden
This is the Japanese style garden

The 37 incher
The TV arrived the day before moving day.

moving day
The pile of boxes in the living room on moving day.

My biggest fan!
Just had this installed the other day. The living room ceiling fan.

The bedroom
The bedroom is like a hotel room, complete with king sized bed.

The beroom TV.
The bedroom TV

another shot
Another shot of the bedroom

Loft or attic?
The ladder leads up to the loft or attic, or whatever its suppose to be used for.

Princess giving us the “I’m bored” look

Jenna giving the same bored look.

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We’re back!

Last week, we moved into our new house. Despite having the movers do all the packing for us, it was still quite an ordeal. A lot of our stuff is still packed away in several boxes and we’ve been (trying) to unpack things little by little.

I was able to get high speed fiber optic internet installed over the weekend. Its quite fast which should make this site a bit faster too. My blog server is still not in its final spot and I’ve got cables running out of the walls temporarily until I can set up things more properly. So this site may go up down throughout the week.

The pregancy is in its 27th week (baby is 26 weeks), everything is going well. According to some sites, our baby is a bit bigger than average. At 25 weeks, the doctor told us she is about 750 grams (about 1.5lbs). According to the Baby Centre site, at 25 weeks, the average baby should only be 660 grams. But I guess its better to be big than smaller than normal.

The next sonogram should be in 2 weeks. They will become more frequent as we near the third trimester. Hopefully we can get better face shots next time. 🙂

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25th week sonogram…first look at Haruka’s face

It’ been a while since the last entry. We are in the process of moving into our new house so things have been pretty hectic. Tomorrow, we will be moving everying into the new house so this site will be offline for about a week or so, until I can get internet connection established at the new place.

Last night we went to the clinic for the 25th week checkup. As usual, everything checked out pretty normally. The baby is slightly bigger than average. She should be at around 650 grams (1.5 lbs) more or less, but she is weighing in at over 700 grams. No big deal. I’d rather have her weigh in a bit big rather than undersized.

The doctor also confirmed for the third time that the baby is most likely a girl, which is a thrill for me. People tell me that girls are closer to their fathers than their mothers so I am looking forward to having a close relationship with my daughter.

Lastly, for the first time, we were able to get a relatively clear look at what Haruka’s face will look like. However, in the video, its a bit unclear because the placenta and the umblical cord was in the way. It was as if she didn’t want us to see her face, because she was seemingly holding the cord in front of her face. The doctor tried to adjust the machine to be able see through the cord and placenta. But every time he intensified the ultrasound, it penetrated through her face and made her look somewhat skeletal (and scarey).

From what little we could see, my wife thinks she will look like me. She said that the nose and mouth area looks like me. I’m not sure if agree or disagree, because to me all babies look alike. But it will be interesting to see Haruka’s face again.

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