Now We Know!

As you can see, I have changed the look of this blog page a bit. This is to reflect that we now know (with a fair degree of certainty) the sex of the baby! Although the technician could not be 100% certain, she told us that there is a very high probability that the baby is a girl.

We went to the clinic to last night to get the 20th week sonogram (although technically we were one day short of the 21st week). The first thing that the technician did was to try to assess the sex of the baby (at our request of course). So again, she did a scan of the baby from the bottom. Over the weeks, I have gotten pretty good at identifying the sex of babies through sonograms from looking at various pictures on the internet. So, in the event that the technician couldn’t tell this time, I was pretty confident that my online training would provide me enough knowledge to be able to identify it on my own.

Fortunately for us, the ultrasound was clear enough for the technician to be able see that the baby is mostly likely a girl. On top of that, The video I took also allowed me to get a good look and also identify the sex of the baby, and it indeed looked a lot like many of the “girl” sonograms I have seem on the net.

So having said all this, I think we are all pretty happy that the baby is still progessing nicely, and that she is growing at a healthy pace!

Here are some pics in their usual sonogram unclarity

curled up
Here she is all curled up

She got legs!
Here are her legs or at least one of them

Finally, here is the sonogram video. At one point, the tech will point out the baby’s girl parts. That is where she idnetified that the baby is a girl.

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