4D Sonogram

Last night I went to the women’s clinic to see first hand what a sonogram looks like. I must say, I was quite impressed with the technology. The sonogram technology has come a long way since its first introduction.

First thing that we noticed is how big the baby has gotten since the last scan. It was approximately 4cm, which is twice the size from the one taken just two weeks ago.

Here are some pics:

11 weeks

The baby is upside down in this picture. The head is at the bottom, and the body is at the top.

11 weeks -head shot

Here, you can clearly see the baby’s head from the side. It almost looks as if its sucking its thumb (which they do even as early as 11 weeks)

3D Ultrasounds

The baby seems kind of shy as it had it’s back turned towards us the whole time.

Another 3D

Here is another 3D shot. You can still see some remnants of a tail, which will disappear sometime this week.

Finally, here is the 4D animated shot that I uploaded to YouTube. Just click on the play button to watch the video.

In some parts, I think you can actually see its face, but its kind of hard to spot.

The next sonogram will be in two weeks. The baby should be considerably bigger by then so the sonograms should be more interesting. 🙂

Dealing with emotions

I moved to a new server. Everything is located in my house now so that I have more control of the database and I can customize the entries better. Feel free to leave comments to tell me what you think.

Tomorrow will mark the end of week 10. I will be going to the clinic with my wife so that I can see first had as to how the baby is developing.

I’ve read that as the pregnancy continues, the mother tends to become emotional and experience mood swings. Up until recently, I have really seen any of this. But at the beginning of the week, my wife told me that she get really angry at work because her co-worker didn’t receive a bonus. I could understand the anger she felt for her co-worker, but she took it to the next level and was really close to chewing out the management for it. Had it been her own bonus at steak, perhaps that would have been a somewhat of an appropriate action to take. But I didn’t quite understand why she was getting so wound up over a co-worker not receiving a bonus, when considering the co-worker didn’t really care either.

Also that very same day, she started crying for no reason. It took me a while for me to calm her down but eventually she did get a grip on herself. I’m glad I read ahead about this stuff otherwise it would have worried me a bit.

Fitting Tight

Last Saturday marked the 10th week. A couple of entries ago, I mentioned that the 8th week marked the end of the baby’s embryotic period. But according to some websites, that actually happens at the 10th week. Either way, the baby is now actually a fetus and most of its major developments are done. Now its just a matter of getting bigger.

The wife has been indicating that things are fitting a bit tighter. Whether that’s a sign that the baby is getting bigger or just simply weight gain is unknown, but none the less we decided to go out look for some maternity clothes. I was expecting the maternity clothes to be a bit comical considering that most Japanese women are into cutesy things. I definately was not going to permit my wife to go to work or even walk down the street with Hello Kitty prints on her clothes. But luckily, we found some really descent conservative looking clothes.

There were TONS of little kids and toddlers in the store. I guess this was sort of a test of tolerence on my part. Remember, fundamentally I despise kids. Had this been a year ago, I don’t think I would have lasted two seconds in that store without going insane. But this time around, I was only mildly irritated, which for me is HUGE progress. 🙂

Afterwards, we went to a family restaurant. There was an event across the street with cartoon character figures, so the restaurant was packed with parents with very little kids. Again, it was a test of patience, and again I was only mildly irritated. My wife however, was a different story. After we saw a screaming brat throwing a tantrum by the front entrance, she confessed that she probably would not know how to handle a situation like that. Then again, I don’t think anyone without kids can instictly handle situations like that. You just have to learn and do what works. For the lady with the screaming brat, the answer was to buy the kid a toy, which I saw as giving into the pressure, and something I hope we never have to do. Hopefully our answer to the problem isn’t something that will make kid into a bigger brat.

Finally, this Friday I will be going to the clinic with my wife to watch her get a sonogram. She was suppose to have gone last Friday, but she thought that maybe her visits were a bit too frequent, so we’re cutting back to once every 2 weeks.

Nothing New

There hasn’t been any major changes. I’ve put a count down on the side bar of this page which tells how many days are left until the baby’s birthday. As of today, there are 213 days to go. My wife will be visiting the new clinic this Friday for another scan, just to make sure that everything is right on track.

Getting Bigger

We did a third sonogram last night and the little blob in the middle of the screen has gotten significantly bigger since the last time, and its heartbeat was clearly visible.

As the baby approches the end of its eighth week, it is now about 20mm in size. It has almost doubled in size since the last sonogram, and so far all systems are go. The doctor even suggested that most babies that make it to this stage will most likely have a healthy delivery.

This will be the last time my wife uses this clinic, as they are geared to only monitor early pregnancies. We will be switching clinics; one that has better sonogram equipment that can better detect potential birth defects. So far things are looking very good.

8 weeks 6 days old

First Milestone

As of last Saturday, the baby is now in its 8th week. So far, the wife is still showing the usual signs of a healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness is still moderate; the usual nausea, fatigue, craving for certain kinds of food…etc. The wife has even indicated that the clothes are fitting a bit tighter, although she is not showing yet. By then end of this week, the baby will reach its first milestone. It will go from being an embryo to being a fetus or foetus (not sure which is the official or correct spelling.) Up until now I didn’t know that there was a difference between the two. I figured that they were just two different words meaning the same thing.

Although I still don’t fully understand the physical differences between an embryo and a fetus, by my readings I have basically assessed that an embryo is a term to describe the first nine weeks after conception, and “fetus” describes the period from the ninth week up until the time of birth. In Japanese, there is only one term to describe an unborn baby , taiji, so its all a bit confusing.

Physically, the baby now looks more human (for a lack of a better term). Face, hands, body, feet, etc. are all visible now. So I guess the embryotic/fetal distinction relies on its physical attributes more than anything.

As for myself, I’m not too sure if its really politically correct to keep referring to the baby as “it”, but until I know it’s sex, I guess that’s what I will have to do for now. And speaking of sex, as time goes on, I have a harder time imagining that this child is going to be a boy. My thoughts, imagination, dreams or whatever you want to call it, all revolves around the premise that this child will be a girl. I know this is not good for myself or the child (if it turns out to be a boy) and I am trying to accept that it might be a boy. But I think when we do finally find out it will be easier for me to adjust.

Last night the wife and I were watching a tv show about an American couple raising four boys. The kids were all completely out of control and so the couple had to hire a nanny from England to observe them and tell them what they were doing wrong. I’m far from being a expert of child raising, but it didn’t take a seasoned parent to figure out that the parents didn’t know what they were doing. The father was completely spoiling the kids, the most shocking thing I saw was the father giving the four year old coffee!!! I just wanted to pull him out of the TV screen, slap him a couple of times, and say “Are you stupid??!!” Its no wonder why the kids were hyperactive. Caffeine and sugar to a four year old; c’mon please use common sense!

Anyways, the wife goes in for her third sonogram tomorrow. When I get the print, I will scan it and post it here.

Schedule Changes

As we approach the end of week 7, I noticed by the gestation period chart that the embryo now resembles something that looks similar to a very chubby tadpole or guppy. Within the next week or so, it should lose its tail and its hands and feet will look more like hands and feet instead of flippers.


What an embyro looks like at week 7 (according to pampers.co.uk)

My wife was scheduled to do her second sonogram tomorrow, but the hospital posted a new schedule for the physicians. Now her regular physician has moved his days to Wednesdays, which means I will have to wait until next week for our second baby picture.

The morning sickness has returned which is a good sign, although my wife seems to be having a hard time with it. I just keep reassuring her that that is a sign of a healthy pregnancy, which calms her down a bit. We have been also thinking of baby names. Our child will have both a Japanese name and a western name. I am hoping more for a girl than a boy so I have already thought of a name if its a girl. My wife will decide the name if its a boy. She’s already picked out a good Japanese name, but is struggling with the western part. There isn’t a particular boy’s name that I’m too fond of, so this might be quite a challenge for the both of us. We’ve got at least another 30+ weeks to decide so its no big deal. As soon as we learn the sex of the baby, which should be possible at 14 to 16 weeks, I will change this site’s name from “Baby Trees” to the baby’s name. By the way, the name “two baby trees” is a play on our my last name, if you haven’t figured it out.

Go Go Baby Gadgets!!

For the last few days or so, I have been looking on the net for things to get the baby. I couldn’t believe the number of gadgets and gizmos that are on the market these days. My wife found something called “BabyPlus”, which is basically a speaker that the mother to be straps to her belly during pregnancy. It suppose to stimulate the fetus with various sounds and supposedly increase the child’s capacity to learn. With all of the psychobabble and technical jargon, I can see how one can be mislead into believing this gadget actually works. And with all of the scientific evidence that seems to suggest that a fetus can hear and respond to what’s going on in the outside world, it makes one think, does this thing really work?

After reading various material on the subject of audio stimulus on an unborn fetus, I came to the conclusion that the device is garbage. Its just another gimmick to exploit the euphoric state and the emotions of soon to be parents. In reality, evidence seem to suggest that audio stimulation does work. But the best audio stimulation that an unborn fetus could receive, is the voices of its parents, not the electronically synthesized sounds of an overpriced noise maker.

With this in mind, I have decided to invest in something much cheaper, but a billion times more valuable. Not to mention that they will last not only during the pregnancy but throughout the baby’s childhood. I have decided to buy books, but not just any books, but the books I grew up reading and enjoying.

One book that I liked a lot, was something that my mother bought me at a garage sale when we lived on base when I was like 4 years old. I don’t know why I wanted the book. It was really old and worn, but for some reason I really wanted it. It’s one of a series of children’s books called Best In Children’s Books. It contain many different stories, but the one I really liked the most was a story called Kiki Goes to Camp by Charlotte Steiner. Basically its a story about a girl named Kiki, who goes to camp and meets a horse (forgot the horse’s name). For some reason, I loved this story and made my mother read it to me over and over.

Here’s the weird part. I managed to find this book on Ebay, and it looks EXACTLY like the book I had. As a matter of fact I remember that I wrote all over the front cover with a pencil trying to practice my cursive writing. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote since it was so long ago, but the book I found on Ebay also has cursive writing (in pencil) on the front cover. And strangely enough, it looks a lot like how I use to write. So either the previous owner was a lot like me and just had to urge to practice cursive on the front cover of this book, or this may be the very book I owned several years ago and it somehow ended up in someone elses hands. We’ll see when I get it.


The book in question.  Notice the writing on the top of the cover.