Houston, we have heartbeat!

Week Seven

After a day of worrying about the fait of our baby, we learned that the pregnancy is going well. We were able to confirm a heartbeat through ultrasound. I feel a sense a great relief. I know that there is a high risk of miscarriage at this stage of the pregnancy, so when the morning sickness subsided, I was sure that this was a bad sign that things are going wrong.

However, my wife failed to tell me that she had been drinking gingerale which can also as a relief to mild to moderate morning sickness. There are other foods that can do this as well.So that may have been what masked the morning sickness the last couple of days. My wife came home with a picture of the ultrasound. I basically just show a picture of what looks like a little blob in a hole. Even with the unclarity of the picture, I thought it was the best thing ever. I immediately scanned it so that I could upload it here.

Today begins the seventh week. There should be some dramatic changes happenening this week. At this point all of the major organs are forming, they eyes and some of the facial features are forming, and the embryo now has its own blood type unique from it’s mother’s. Also, the enbryo is now able to move around a bit. Sure signs of life.

Anyways, here is the ultrasound pic.

The ultrasound says “week 8 day 6”, but its actually week 6 day 6. The little blob in the middle of the dark spot is the embryo.

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Morning Sickness Stopped??

After two weeks of mild to moderate morning sickness, my wife has reported that the symptoms have stopped completely and we’re bit concerned.

A few days ago, because the morning sickess was making her somewhat miserable, I tried to see if there was a home remedy that may lighten some of the nausea. I found a site that said that eating ginger lightens the some the symptoms, so my wife started pigging out on ginger. Amazingly this remedy seemed to have done the trick. But a few days later, my wife found another article that said eating too much ginger is not good. Since, she cut back significantly, but now says she hasn’t felt nausious in a couple of days now.

Being a bit concerned that this may not be a good sign, I did some research and found an article that said morning sickness varies in different women. For some, its pretty severe and can last well into the second trimester. For others, it can be pretty mild or show no symptoms at all and end after a few week. Some have even reported an intermittant coming and going of symptoms.

Tomorrow, my wife has an appointment with the doctor to do an ultrasound. The heart should be visibile so it will give a definative answer to what’s going on.

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Day One: The Beginning

I have decided to start a blog, separate from my personal blog, exclusively to chronical the events from my wife’s pregnancy, and the birth and childhood of our first born.

It’s been about 2 weeks since I learned that we were having a baby. For those who know me, you know that I am not too into kids. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand them. Before, just the thought of having kids was enough to depress me. The loss of freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I pleased, having someone depend on you for everything, and just being tied down all the time with no time for myself, convinced me that parenthood would not be for me. I have always dreaded the day that my wife would someday come up to me and break the news that would end my life as I know it. And its finally happened. Two weeks ago, my wife sprung the news on me, “I’m pregnant”.

The picture was pretty vivid in my head. I’d go crazy first, then I would cry for several hours while hoping it would all be just a sick joke, then I would ball up in a fetal position under the bed with my thumb in my mouth after realizing that it was real and that it was going to happen, followed by months on top of months of just sheer depression while hiding the pain I felt from my wife.

When I heard the news, my first reaction was a sense a disbelief, but that only lasted for about two seconds. Surpising, even to me, my next reaction was that of great joy. At that moment, it felt as if nothing else in the world mattered anymore. We are having a baby, and that’s all that counted.

Week Six:

Currently, the preganacy is in it’s sixth week. At this point, according to the human gestation period chart, the baby is no bigger than a pea. Its got a primative spinal column that is actually bigger than the rest of its body. The brain has began forming. The heart has also begun beating.

This Friday, my wife will go to the hospital to check that everything is in its respective spot. At this point they should be able to see the heart beat. Eventually, I will be posting sonograms 2D, 3D, and hopefully 4D animated pics as the baby progresses in its growth.

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