A Small Sense of Normality

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Its been 17 days since the big earthquake, and there have been literally hundreds of subsequent earthquakes since.  We even had an earthquake early this morning, but of course it was no where close to be being as bad as the one on March 11th.   Sometimes I feel the building shaking even when the building isn’t shaking.  Even little rattle, every little sway makes me think we’re having another earthquake.  But even with all of this, I feel that a small sense of normality is returning.

I no longer have to take taxis and the bullet train to work (although I did kind of enjoyed that).  I am able to find small bottles of water here and there, and there is no real shortage of food.   My area doesn’t seem to be too effected by the schedule power outs.  Although I am grateful to have electricity on tap 24/7 (or at least when I am at home),  I would be more than happy to do with out if it meant that it would help someone else out.  Right now, I only use the dining room lights with a single LED light bulb to conserve electricity.

The hoarding and the glutenous behavior still continues, which saddens me.  I wish that people would realize that there are people and small who rely on stuff like fresh uncontaminated water, yet they still buy water and milk by the case, and I still see empty shelves at the supermarket.

But the one thing that makes me sick the most is the whole Tokyo Dome fiasco.  For those who don’t know, Tokyo dome is a huge indoor sports arena located in Tokyo.  It is often used to host night events like big sporting events and concerts.  The Tokyo Yomiuri Giants baseball team was suppose to have their opening night game there this week, but several people as well as government officials protested that they should really consider canceling in consideration of the current power outage situation.  However league owners say that they will only merely postpone the game, and will eventually hold an indoor game with full lighting sometime within the next few weeks.  I don’t understand why there is a need to have a night game in an indoor arena.  Baseball is an outdoor sport that is intended to be played during the day.  And guess what?  If you have the game at an outdoor stadium, or even in a plane Jane ball park, people will come!

I don’t think these people will ever understand unless their electricity is shut off for several hours day..sad and childish indeed!


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