Random Vacation Pics

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These are just random pics I took while I was on vacation in California and Georgia last July.  By the way, I am trying something new with a Polaroid overlay plug-in…not sure it all the RSS feeds or the Facebook link will display the pics properly, so if they don’t display right, you’ll just have to com visit my site.

September Again

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Thank goodness August is FINALLY over.  I’ve always despised August (especially in Japan).  The days are long, hot, and wet (from the humidity), and there are no public holidays, so the month seems to last forever.  September is nice mellow month for me.  Things tend to cool down a bit, there are lot of nice holidays, and although they’re usually not celebrated in Japan, Thanksgiving and Halloween are just around the corner.

With the temperatures expected to finally die down in the following weeks, I will finally complete the rebuild of my wood deck.  In the long procrastination, I mean hiatus that I had taken to do this, I was able to come up with a few very artistic ideas to make the deck look better.