Lindsay Hawker’s Killer Found

Author: mirai  //  Category: Life in general

After two years of being on the run, Lindsay Hawker’s killer, Tatsuya Ichihashi was finally captured in Osaka, while trying to board a ferry bound for Okinawa.  Earlier this week, local and national news agencies had reported that Ichihashi had been working at a construction for over a year under an assumed name and identity, after undergoing a series of cosmetic surgeries to alter his appearance. His co-workers were quoted as saying that Ichihashi was a quiet person who rarely interacted with others and spent a lot of time alone in his dorm room. He always wore a hat and glasses and refused to take them off. It was also reported that Ichihashi was undergoing procedures to obtain a passport to possibly flee the country.

Hawker, as she appeared before her murder

Ichihashi, as he appeared before his facial alteration

Ichihashi, post surgery

RIP Lindsay. You will finally receive justice!