Liza Minnelli on Michael Jackson

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I hate to keep going on and on about Michael Jackson, but I think I am still in shock over it.  I’ve filled my iPhone up with all of the Michael Jackson songs I could find in my collection, and a very ironic thing happened.  I usually set my iPhone to play everything in my play list randomly so that I don’t memorize the order the songs are played.  Today, as I boarded my train, with me iPhone blaring music through my earphones, I noticed that my phone kept playing Michael Jackson songs (nothing else).  I thought that I may have inadvertently created a Michael Jackson play list, but when I looked at the settings, it was set to play my songs randomly.  It must have played 10 Michael Jackson songs in a row before it got to any other songs…pretty spooky.

I ran into this article about an interview done by Liza Minnelli.  If you’re a MJ fan, you’d know that Liza Minnelli is close friend of MJ’s as with Elizabeth Taylor, Chris Tucker, and Maculay Culkin.  In her interview, she made a very peculiar comment about MJ’s upcoming autopsy results:

All of us who knew him well really know what he was like, …and I’m sure that now the accolades are going, and I’m sure when the autopsy comes, all hell’s going to break loose. So, thank God we’re celebrating him now.

My initial reaction was to assume what all of are assuming and what the media is saying about him -he was just another star who died from being over medicated on prescription drugs.   But why would “all hell break loose” over this old news?  It’s nothing we haven’t heard before, and still his fans still celebrate his life.  Then I got to thinking, maybe Liza Minelli wasn’t referring to his prescription drug problem but perhaps something else.  But what could it be?

Immediately three possibilities came to mind based on this statement:

1.  Michael was addicted to hard core narcotics and illegal drugs as well. This would be hard to swallow, but not quite earth shattering news.

2.  Everything that Michael Jackson said about not being addicted to drugs, having had only a few minor cosmetic surgeries, and really having vitiligo and lupus  were all true, he never bleached his skin, and the media lied about everything.  Highly unlikely in my honest opinion…and I am a fan.

3.  Michael faked his death as a publicity stunt to drum up hype before his highly anticipated summer concert.  I came to this conclusion based on Minelli’s comment: All of us who knew him well really know what he was like…Michael was known around his friends and family to be somewhat of a practical joker and a clown.

Could Liza be suggesting that the autopsy will reveal that the body of the 50 year old mad did not really exist, and this was all a really elaborate hoax?  Although this is a highly unlikely scenario considering all of the players who were involved, but if it could be done, Michael would be one of the very few people in the world who could pull it off.  It could be just wishful thinking on my part to believe that MJ is alive somewhere smirking at the world for falling for his trickery, but I guess we just have to wait to find out the truth behind what really happened to him.

Michael Jackson is Dead

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It’s been long suspected that Michael Jackson’s health was failing, and it’s been confirmed today that this was no rumor. Michael Jackson is dead.

He was my childhood idol, and I often emulated his dance moves and sang his songs. I remember having posters of him in my room, and listening to his music over and over again trying memorize the lyrics. He was quite an odd individual and often misunderstood by the media, but I always regarded him as my childhood hero none the less.

You’ll never be forgotten MJ! RIP! And thank you!

Japanese Sex Dolls

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About a year ago, I posted a YouTube video on Facebook about an IT engineer in Japan who collected VERY elaborately made, yet very creepy  sex dolls.  He went on to tell the Reuters reporter that he collected these dolls because, in a nut shell (and I’m paraphrasing here) he doesn’t trust human women because they can cheat on you and betray you, whereas the dolls were his possession,  and will forever remain loyal.

Recently, I sent this link to The Young Turks,  a progressive political commentary show on the  internet, You Tube, and radio, of which I am a big fan and a proud member of.   And to my amazement, they did a short commentary on it, and pretty much expressed the same thoughts that I did (funny but extremely creepy).

Within the segment, Cenk Uygur, the host of the show,  posed a few questions and comments about the dolls and about Japanese society in general, and I thought I would address the questions and comments on my site.  Now please note that my answer are my opinions are based on my 14 years of living in Japan and also having grown up within this culture, and may not be 100% accurate, but I am confident that most of it is.

Question:  Why are they making the dolls look so young? Why are the dolls so small (referring to its relatively disproportionate height to weight ratio):

Answer: The simple answer to this is because they are in fact modeled after teen aged and in some cases pre-teen girls.  As sick as it may sound, the whole Lolita fetishism is a HUGE industry in Japan.  A classic example of this are the Maid Cafe’s in the Akihabara district (electronics district) in Tokyo where the waitresses (who are usually very young, or very young looking women) dressed up in classic French maid uniforms. They serve and entertain their customers, in a cutesy non-sexual way.   From the moment that they enter the cafe’s, the customer is greeted by a maid or a group of maids with a very orchestrated and synchronized “Welcome home master,” greeting.  The customers are mostly socially dysfunctional men, usually referred to as Otaku’s, or nerds (like the man in the YouTube video) who have a hard time attracting women or fear having a relationship with real women.  When these maids are asked how old they are, regardless of their real age, they will usually say that the are between the ages of 13 to 17 to further satisfy the customer’s fetish for younger women.  And in some cafe’s, the maids will even perform a brief dance and song routine upon request.  And after any request from the customer, the maids are required to answer “yes dear master”, in their usual cutesy high pitched cartoon-like voice.

The fascination with younger women, or what is more commonly referred to as the Lolita complex, or Lolicon for short is very prevalent in the Japanese porn and manga (comic book) industry, where the comic book characters or adult film actresses can often be seen in a Japanese high school girl’s uniform.  In some extreme cases, some of the adult films feature extraordinarily petite women (of legal age) whom are dressed in elementary school children attire and perform as if they are children being molested by male adults.

But the really creepy and somewhat disturbing part of all of this is that for some of the really hard-core mentally unbalanced and socially dysfunctional men out there, this isn’t enough.  And of course with child pornography being illegal here, the Japanese have found a way to satisfy these men without breaking the laws through Japanese animation or hentai anime, where the stars of these animated adult films are typically unnaturally well-endowed animated teen aged or pre-teen girls.  And since they are only illustrations, and Japanese laws don’t really examine the psychological ramifications, or the implications that these films pose on these men, it’s all perfectly legal not to mention a great money maker.

Going to back to the original question, as to why they look you and disproportional.  Well,  having a $6000 dollar sex doll modeled after a woman in her early to mid-20’s, with the proportions of an average Japanese woman of that age (which is roughly 5’2″ and 110llbs) just won’t cut it for these guys, because in this industry it’s all about getting it look as young it can look without it being infantile.

The flip side to all of this is that there is a side of the Japanese sexual fetish industry that caters to men who have fantasies about not just older women, but married older women. But that’s a whole another story.

Comment:  People aren’t having human interaction (in Japan).   They’re not having sex anymore.

Answer: Yes and no.  Japanese people are having sex, but they are not procreating.  Currently, the Japanese demographics is a somewhat of inverted pyramid, where there are more people over the age of 60, than there are under the age of 20.  My take on this is that it’s because Japanese government is corrupt.  The economy is extremely poor at the moment and yet the prices for goods and services have not receded at all.  On top of this, the cost of having a child in Japan is astronomical.  Just to have a child in Japan is at least $10,000USD.  The national health insurance will pay about $3500 of it, but the other $6500 needs to be paid out of the pocket.  And this is just for birthing expenses;  any further medical expenses, the upbringing costs are of course paid out of the pocket.  And of course, the government will give some tax breaks for any additional dependents you have, but it’s really minimal and hardly covers the additional living expenses.   So in my opinion, in order to turn the demographic pyramid back to the way it should be, the government should be encouraging population by giving real breaks to people with families so that they can afford it, and create a real economic stimulus package to give viable financial incentives to those who want children but feel that they cannot afford it.

Of course there are other factors involved in lack of population growth.  One serious one that I can think of is that the work hours in Japan are way too long, and people people don’t get enough time to spend with their families.  I think Japan should be more like France and regulate work hours better and allow for people to spend more time with their families so that they can  procreate.

As for sex in Japan, there is no shortage of it.  I think that the Japanese society does a really good job of encouraging people to have healthy, fun, and safe sex.  A good example of this is making it easier to access contraceptives, which can be embarrassing to some (especially in Japan where people tend to be very modest about their intimate  behavior in public places) by selling condoms in vending machines which are sometimes located on the outside of some drug stores.  In the Harajuku district in Tokyo, there is even a shop called Condomania that exclusively sells all makes and models of condoms.

Another example of Japan’s progressive attitude towards encouraging sex, are Love Hotels, which are hotels that cater specifically to those who want to have sex with their partners in a very sanitary and discrete environment.  The rooms can be rented for a reasonable price ranging from as a little as $15 to $100+ depending on the size of the room, length of the stay, and the level of elegance.  Rooms can be rented for only 2 to3 hours, or for the entire night, and they are meticulously cleaned and maintain to ensure cleanliness and make sure that diseases aren’t transmitted from using the facilities.  In many of these hotels, you are provided with 1 or 2 complimentary condoms, clean sheets, clean bath towels, complimentary coffee or tea, and an assortment of toiletries like mouth wash and shampoo, etc.  Some of these hotels even have automated clerks so maximize user privacy.   Some of the more upscaled ones offer a lot more services like an in room jacuzzi bath, and a theme based atmosphere (example: a romantic theme with hearts and flowers, or an S&M theme with leather and whips.

So as far as sex is concerned, there is plenty of it going on.  Prostitution is not legal in Japan, but there are a lot of places that operate covert prostitution operation, under the cloak of bath houses, or massage parlors.  And although many of these places are obviously running prostitution ring, the law usually doesn’t bother shutting them down unless they’re fronting a much more serious law breaking operation like drugs or illegal aliens.

Honest About Being Dishonest

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Last night, I had the privilege of having dinner with a good friend of mine.  And during the course of the evening we had a very casual conversation about politics.  Now I usually don’t talk politics with friends, not because I am that passionate about politics, but because I feel that politics is not a good subject to discuss with friends.  But the young lady whom I had the privilege of of having dinner with is really intelligent, and has a pretty unlighted and educated view of the world, so discussing was politics at a nice dinner conversion level was quite nice.

During the course of our conversation about, we got on the subject of a Koizumi-era politician by the name of Taizō Sugimoto.   He was a very young politician -I think he was about 26 years old when he was elected to serve for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), or jyumintō in Japanese.  And like most of the politicians in the LDP, Sugimoto was extremely corrupt.  He was one of the crookedest politicians in the LDP in recent history.  But the one thing that set him apart from the other politicians in LDP, or any other political party in Japan for that matter, is that he was what the Japanese call baka shōjiki.  Basically, this means that he was so stupid, that he doesn’t know how to be covertly dishonest, so he was in  effect, he was too honest about his dishonesty.  Allow me to explain:

When Sugimoto came into office (I think this was back in 2005, at the tail end of the Koizumi administration) the first thing he did was go on national television, and with a crazy wide-eyed expression on his face bragged about how much his salary was going to be.  Now, this was coming during a time when the LDP was being highly scrutinized over high taxes, inflation, and over spending, not too mention decades of corruption and scandal within the LDP party.  And yet, this young and naive politician, was so oblivious of the political temperature at that time, that he had the balls to go on national TV and tell everyone in a highly publicized news interview, how substantial his income was as a junior level freshman politician.  Here is a paraphrased quote of his statement (and I’m going by memory here so bare with me.)

The VERY first thing I did when I was elected to office, was look up what kind of salary I would be making, because I honestly did not know.  I almost went into shock when I found out. I could not believe it!!! (becoming more and more wild-eyed as he continues).  I will be making 25 million yen a year (approximately USD$250K a year).  On top of that, I get a 10 million yen a year bonus (roughly USD $100k)…AND I also get unlimited first class travel expenses on JR (Japan Rail -the largest passenger rail company in Japan, and operates the bullet train).

At the end of this highly controversial statement, he gives a very stereotypical  high pitched crooked politician laugh.  As you could imagine, this didn’t go well with the public and he was highly condemned by the senior senators in own party.  A few days later, he reappeared on national television, obviously not learning anything telling the public that he was going to buy a BMW with all the money he’ll be making, and again highly frowned by the general public and the senior senators.  He was eventually told to keep his mouth shut, and to stop doing any more TV interviews.  He was also forbidden to buy any cars (especially a BMW) and this was his reaction:

Translation: The other party members told me not to drive, under no circumstances are you to drive, they said.

Translation: Oh no!  My BMW!  I won’t be able to drive a BMW.

Translation:  It was always my dream to buy a BMW!   I figured that if I become a politician, then I could get one.

Translation: I guess I’ll have to give up on my dream car, for now

Translation:  Sugimoto had been in contact with a BMW dealer 2 days after to being elected.


I think this clearly says where the minds of the members LDP is at.  And it’s not just Sugimoto, it’s almost everyone in this party -they are all crooks.  The problem with Sugimoto is that he was so immature, that he wasn’t able exercise discretion.  But having said this, I ‘ve got to give credit where credit is due.  Even though it was out of ignorance, at least Sugimoto was honest about this.  This is a 26 year old first year junior senator.  Can you imagine how much the senior LDP members are making?  And this is all tax payer money.   In my opinion, no one in the LDP should be getting this amount of money.  They do absolutely nothing all day, and they are doing nothing to help the Japanese economy get back on it’s feet.  As a matter of fact they are making it worse by taxing the hell of people, and putting it into the politician’s pockets.

The bottom line here is that the LDP needs to go.  They have ran their course and they have nothing left.  It’s time to give the other parties, who are seriously concerned about the future of Japan, a chance.  Political parties shouldn’t be allowed to run the country and stay in power for 5 decades.  If they do a good job, then yes.  But in the current situation, and when you have a party filled with crooks like Taizo Sugimoto, it’s time to go.

Excuse Me for Embarassing You, but…

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Lately,  I’ve noticed that I have become so much like Saito-san.  For those who don’t know who Saito-san, which is probably the majority of you, she is a comic book character in Japan and a sort of a modern day vigilante who has zero tolerance for minor injustices that occur on a daily basis.  For example, if Saito-san were to see somebody throw a cigarette away on the sidewalk (which happens all the freakin’ time in Japan, and totally irks me) she would grab that person and politely ask them to dispose of it properly.   Of course, being a comic book, this usually does not go well, and leads to Saito-san either irritating or angering the perpetrator, which in turn, leads to her getting into a verbal or sometimes physical scuffle.  Hence, as you can see below, which is the cover of one of the many books in comic book series, that Saito-san is wearing a bandage on her face -no doubt a result from a confrontation that turned physical.

This comic book was aired on prime time TV in Japan as a live-action mini series last year, and it starred Arisa Mizuki, who in my opinion was perfect for the role and did and excellent job playing the part.

I’ve always considering myself as a law abiding citizen, and I am totally for following the rules of society.  For example, it really annoys me to see people who smoke in areas where it’s clearly designated a non-smoking area (yes, in Japan it still happens…and quite frequently), or even worse, see  perfectly healthy people parking their cars in handicap parking areas and act as if its totally okay.

Up until recently, I, like the rest of the Japanese society, use to ignore the society’s daily injustices and just simply go about my business.  But lately I’ve changed.  I have become pretty intolerant to the crap that people pull and then claim ignorance when confronted about it. And frankly, I have become very vocal about.  I think it was perhaps the accident I had a few months ago where I was hit by a hit and run motorcycle rider, who was eventually caught.  The whole experience of going to the police station and filing the reports, and the time I had to walk home and fear that I would get hit again, taught me that although the justice system is by no means perfect in any way (especially in Japan), but if you abide by it, it usually will work.

Now before I go further with this, I guess I should explain that  as convenient as they may be, I cannot stand mobile phones!!! And if I had a choice, I would not carry one.  However, in our day in age, and being  in Japan, they have become somewhat of a necessity.  But I rarely use mine.  I only use it for it’s original intended purpose and that is to make contact with another person, when either they or I am in a remote location, and I have no other means to communicate with them.

Mobile phone usage has gotten so out of hand in Japan, and  you’ll probably think I am exaggerating or out right lying when I write this, but I kid you not.  There are actually offline meetings (usually people from social networking sites such as Mixi, Facebook, or MySpace) where a group of people, who share the same interest meet at a cafe or restaurant, sit at the same table, and text message each other.  The don’t speak to each other verbally, they just sit there and text each other.  How STUPID is that?  That is such a big misuse of technology that it’s completely ridiculous!!  And it’s this kind of misuse that leads me to believe that society would be SOOOO much better without the existence of these things.  All that have done, is contributed to a society of people who are afraid to interact verbally, more ruder society, and a very dumbed down society.  Now, those who don’t know me or have never met me are probably thinking that I am one those people who aren’t too tech savvy and anti-technology.  This is quite the contrary.  I am an IT consultant and have been in the IT field for nearly 13 years now.  I LOVE new technology, but like anything else over use or misuse of technology is never good.  And I strongly believe that text messaging someone sitting across the table from you is a gross misuse of technology and those people should not be allowed to have it.  Technology exists to make life convenient for use, not to use it everywhere, anywhere, and anytime  just because WE CAN.

Now, all of this leads up to my point of the day.  In Japan, most train and bus companies have set up a small areas called the courtesy area or courtesy seats on the trains and buses, where you must turn off the power to your cell phones.   On the rest of the train or bus, you are allowed to do everything else (texting, web surfing, play games, etc) other than use them to talk to people verbally.  The purpose for the courtesy seats are to allow the elderly, disabled, or pregnant to have priority to use these seats over others. In 2006, train companies took it a step further, and banned all usage of mobiles in these areas, after a study showed that the radio waves emitted from some mobiles disrupted the rhythm some artificial pacemakers.  And to make this point VERY clear, and dispose of any doubt as to where the courtesy seats are located, train companies have put stickers in these areas clearly stating that mobiles need to be shut off.

As you can see by the sticker above, you can’t claim ignorance.  It’s written in both Japanese AND English, so even the foreigner’s can’t claim that they didn’t know what the sign says, and there’s also a very easy to understand illustration for those who claim that they can’t read.

And for those who will claim that they didn’t see the sign because it’s too small, or that they saw the sign but didn’t know where the courtesy seat were, the train companies went all out and completely marked the whole section in yellow highlights, and made the handles and bars yellow as well.  On TOP OF THAT, there is a periodical verbal announcement saying that the mobiles need to be shut off in these areas. So there is no mistaking and no excuse for it.  So does it still happen?   OH yes…and then some.

As you can see below, an elderly woman has total disregard for the signs that are clearly and boldly posted around her and uses a cell phone for having a conversation which is against policy on any part of the train.

Now, I’d say about 80% of the general public are pretty good about respecting the rules, and they at least put their mobiles away while in this area.  About 15% will ignore or as impossible it may seem, claim not to have seen the signs and will use it for texting, but not for talking.  And if you point out the signs to them (which in my opinion, shouldn’t be necessary), 100% of the time, they will put the phone away.  The other 5% which I rarely hear about but does occur frequently enough to be an issue is comprised of those who will either have full conversations and/or text message or do other activities on the cell phone, AND absolutely refuse to put their mobiles away EVEN when told to do so.  I even heard on the news once about a person (like me) who asked one of these crumbs to shut off their mobiles, not once, but several times.  The perpetrator refused to do it, and it became physical confrontation.  The vigilante guy actually took this guy down.   And although I don’t condone any violent acts, this guy deserves a lot praise for standing up for what’s right.   It’s this type of complete disregard for the rules of society that really make me angry and the guy got what he deserved.

So for the last week or so, I have been sitting in these courtesy seats on purpose, just to see how may people and what kind of people ignore the rules.  I found that during the hour that I spend on the train I see an average of at least three people violate the mobile phone rules per day and about 70% of them are women. When asked to turn them off, 100% of them did.  One guy whom I confronted about this, was so embarassed, I mean face turned 3 shades of red type embarrassed about being confronted about this, that he actually apologized profusely.  But then, apparently he couldn’t bare to be in the same train with me so he, with his face still red, scuffled off to another car.  It was as if I caught him looking at porn sites on his mobile (or maybe he was) with his pants down.  But, I guess it was probably more due to the fact that it took a non-Japanese looking guy like me to point out that he’s being uncourteous near the courteous seats.   Now the thing is, if he knew it was wrong, then why do it in the first place?  He could have sat in a area where mobiles are allowed and do the porn surfing without breaking the rules, and save himself from embarassment.

Anyways, I don’t mean to be a complete hard on about rules, but really none of these rules are hard to follow.  It’s not a huge sacrafice to properly dispose of a cigarette,  or use a mobile in another part of the train, or smoke in a designated smoking area…etc. So why not do it?

Lighten Up or Get a Life! Palin!

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This is just a quick response to David Letterman’s recent apology about the comments he made about Palin’s daughter(s).

Seriously, Palin needs to either lighten up or get a life! Anyone who watches David Letterman and knows what he’s all about knows that 90% of the stuff that comes out of his mount needn’t been taken seriously. But Palin who is obviously extremely DESPERATE for public attention felt that she had to whine and pout about Letterman’s joke. Nobody in their right mind took him seriously because… he… was… JOKING!!!!!!

And may I remind you Palin, that YOU are the one who dragged your family into the public spotlight. Well, when you act stupid on TV and spew out a bunch of crap that you have absolutely no clue about, this is the type of backlash you get. LIVE WITH IT! Otherwise, stay away from the cameras, keep yourself in the governor’s office until your term ends, and SHUT UP!

Rev. Wiley Drake -Another Nut Falls Out of the Looney Bin

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As a part of my daily ritual or reading the morning news, and listening to various commentaries on current events, I came across a very disturbing video (or audio, since it was just an audio clip) of Rev. Wiley Drake, a Southern Baptist kook, who is an independent who actually was on the presidential ticket running for Vice President in the 2008 election.  What disturbs me about this guy as not the fact that he thinks he’s righteous in everything he does regardless of how crooked it is, or the fact that he “thinks” all of his actions aside from pissing and taking a shit everyday is what God told him to do,  but the fact that he is actually “praying” for people’s death, more specifically and quite notably President Obama’s death.  See link(s) below to hear what I am going on about:

Click here if you can’t see the embedded video above.

Normally, I wouldn’t waste my time writing about trivial idiots such as this, since the southern part of the United States are full of them (keeping it real here), and the majority are just insignificant trailer park living, farm animal loving, cousin marrying, inbreds with IQ’s less than 30.  But for this guy to be in a public speaking profession and speaking to hundreds if not thousands of followers who actually believe the crap that spews out of his mouth, is really scary.  He claims that all he is doing is praying that Obama dies, but in actuality he is rallying up his followers to take action.  You see, not only did he pray from Obama’s death but he also admittedly prayed for the deaths of IRS employees, AU leaders, and more recently, Dr. George Tiller. The reason why I say “significantly”, is because as we all know, Tiller was recently gunned down by another radical right winged loon job by the name of Scott Roeder.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Roeder was encouraged by the teachings of Wiley.  As a matter of fact it’s probably unlikely, but who knows.  But my point is. that these radicals are easily manipulated, because they usually come from uneducated backgrounds, and are easily impressed upon by “the teachings of the Lord”.  Cenk Uygur nailed it right on the head when said (and I am paraphrasing)

…how could the 9-11 guys possibly think they could go to heaven, but when we (the right winged radicals) pray to kill people obviously we’ll be going to heaven…

Total hypocrisy at it’s finest.But the one thing that gets me, and it almost comical about this guy, is HOW he relinquishes all ties and responsibilities from encourages that his fellow kooks do by saying

…I am not saying anything, I am only repeating the words of God…that’s what God said, brother don’t get mad at me, get mad at God…

Oh by the way, all of the bad things I did in my life, well it wasn’t me, the devil made me do it so it wasn’t my fault…  Geez what a complete idiot!!  I can’t believe tha ANYONE would listen to this man!  He is bona fide mental case.  And not only that, he is what I would consider dangerous, because as sad as it sounds, he is in a position where he could manipulate or entise less educated people to commit acts of murder by instilling fear into them.

So my imprecatory prayer is that he is watched very very heavily by the CIA, FBI, or secret service or whomever, AND that this man’s word’s go virual all over the internet and gets exposed for what it really is, which is not a demand for a better life as he probably thinks in his sick and twisted way, but a rally to commit murder on the innocent, and those in power.  But since I am an agnostic, I’m not sure if it will do any good.

Consolidating My Pets

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Having too much of something is never a good thing.  So in order to rid  myself of my unnecessaries, I’ve decided to consolidate my pet peeves…yes you read correctly, pet peeves.  You see, I have no less than eight really aggrivating pet peeves.  They are:

  • Bad drivers
  • People who obsessively and or excessively use their cell phones (texting or otherwise)
  • Smokers, or people who feel it’s their god given right to be able smoke anytime anywhere
  • people who lean up against me on public transportaion
  • indecisive people
  • extremely anal people
  • women who put on makeup on the train, bus, car, or anywhere they’re not suppose to

I do have plenty more, but lately I’ve felt that keeping track of all of them has gotten to be quite a hassle.  So, instead of trying to keep them a straight, Ive decided to come to terms with myself an reduce them.  And so, I am happy to announce that I have now only one -that’s right ONE pet peeve.

I must admitt it’s pretty brilliant one, because it consolidates my long list of previous pet peeves into a  single, easy to track, and easy to remember pet peeve.  I no longer have to struggle to remember the others, or write them down,  prioritize them, or categorize them.  Nor do I have to worry about misplacing them or forgetting them, because my new pet peeve incudes all the past pet peeves I’ve had.

So on this day, I am proud to announce my new and only pet peeve: