Transgender Child

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I recently came across a story on CNN about an eight year boy who is going through an identity crisis and believes that he is a girl and should be treated accordingly.  When I saw this, my initial thought was what a minute, you gotta being kidding me, and tell this kid’s parent to take away his Barbie dolls  get him a GI Joe doll, and slap some sense into him.  However, after watching the video, and just listening what the child had to say, and what the mother had to say, it got me really thinking.

Now the argument is that all transenders and homosexuals are born into it, as opposed to homosexuality being a learned behavior or being environmentally influenced.  And I think it is safe to assume that those who believe that homosexuality is environmental or learned, also believe that it is a mental illness and can be corrected.   And those who believe that they are born with the condition (for a lack of a better and more politically correct term), believe that its somthing spritual and not physiological, therefor cannot be corrected.

Personally, I am pretty indifferent to homosexuality.  I don’t condone it or condemn it, but I do take offence to those who try to force feed it or flaunt it.  Take for example, this whole Miss California thing.  I personally have a lot of respect that she was able to voice her personal views on the position of gay marriage.  She didn’t come out and say it was wrong and shouldn’t be done.  She just said that she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that was the way she was raised.  I do however think it was extremely wrong of Perez Hilton, to publically outcast her and call her a bitch, because he didn’t like the answer she gave.  Judges should be judging on how well the contestants articulate their answers in a high pressure situation and I personally think she did very well.  Yet he chose to judge her on the personal polical views, which is wrong. 

Now back to the topic.  The mother of this child said that everything about him was a girl.  His behavior and his preferences for certain items (I am assuming this is stuff like clothes, accessories, and toys, etc.) are that of a girl.  Not only that, but this child preferred to be referred as a girl rather than a boy.  Now, I think that many parents would have a very hard time with this and I am sure this child’s parents did have a hard time with it.  But instead of traumatizing this child even more by forcibly living his life as a boy, the parents were remained very open-mined and supported this child’s need to be a girl, and I thought that was pretty great.  Would I do the samething in a similar situation?  I really don’t know.   Intellectually, I would want to, but emotionally it would be extremely difficult.

You see…it’s not just about changing the child’s name to a more feminine name, and dressing her in girl’s clothes.  Or even about finding a school that’ll accept this child being a girl even though he’s biologically a boy.  Or even about finding friends and peers who’d accept this without judgement.   There are so many other factors involved.  As an eight year old, other than the child’s genital’s, there are only a few physical attributes that would give away the child’s true gender.  This is all fine and well until he hits puberty, but then what is he going to do?  The voice change, the facial hair, the masculine attributes will all be quite difficult to explain and will not only make it akward on him, but on his peers as well.

I am sure that the child’s  parents have thought this through or at least thinking this through, but again, if I were in this situation, I really don’t know if I would have made the same decision.  At least not while the child is so young.  What would you do?

A Big Mean Man in Designer Jeans Made My Day!

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Today I had a very interesting commute. But the really intersting part of the commute actually started during my morning commute yesterday. Allow me to explain:

Call me anal, but I have somewhat of a routine -or more like a religious ritual per se, that I follow every morning to ensure that I arrive  to work on-time, and as efficiently and as comfortably as possible. This requires that I get up at precisely 5:50am every morning, and make all of the necessary preparations so that I can be out of the house, and on my way by no later than 6:30am.

From there, I board the 6:40 bus, so that I can be at the train station to catch the 6:57 train, and in time to transfer to the 7:10 train at the next station, which is the terminal station for this particular train line.  And all of this is done  so that I could get a good seat on the 7:10 train by the nearest exit, so that upon arrival at my stop, I can deboard quickly and sprint through Azabu Juban station like OJ Simpson did so well in the 1970’s Hertz rent-a-car commercials, but didn’t do so well from the LAPD, just so that I can meet the 7:48 train that takes me to the station near my office.  If I miss any one of these key points, then I am doomed to suffer the consequences of having to stand for nearly 40 minutes on  a very overcrowded train, or being late, which would effectively ruin my whole commute thereby ruining my whole day.  Well, yesterday my whole routine was nearly ruined by a big mean man.

Everything was going pretty smoothly until the point where I had to transfer over to my 7:10 train.   You see, in order to board the 7:10 train, you basically have to queue up in one of three clearly marked and color coded lines on the platform floor: the right line, the center line, or the left line.  The reason for three lines is to improve throughput when boarding.  Wider bandwidth means more people can board in less time.  But not all lines are created equal.  Although only for a very brief period of time, the first person in the center line usually has first pick of seating on the train. After that, it’s all out war, and it becomes a came of musical chairs. Whenver I can, I usually choose the seat nearest to the exit, otherwise when I get to my stop, it takes time to get to the exit to deboard.  Get it all wrong, and you would literally have to stand in a very long line, reminiscent of the Soviet era bread lines, just to get off of the train platform, and out of the station exit.

Well, yesterday as I deboarded the first of my three-train commute, only to noticed a rather big figure straddling the right and center lines for the 7:10 train.  As I got closer to the rather wide but stubby figure, I tried to figure out whether it was a man or a woman.  At first glance, I though it was a woman because it had long “dyed” brown hair tied neatly into a pony tail.  It was very tanned as if it had dumped a bucket of tanning lotion on itself, and stayed under a tanning lamp serveral hours longer than any dermatologist would dare recommend.  But the the thing that made me confuse it’s gender the most, was the fact that it was wearing multiple ear rings on both ears and dark blue designer jeans with little pictures of dragons and flowers embroidered on it.  But as the portly figure turned its rather large and tanned head, I immediately noticed that it was a man.  And despite being somewhat indoors on a cloudy day, without as much as ray of light penetrating the train platform, he was wearing mirrored sunglasses.  Perhaps he had stayed on in the sun so long that he thought the sun shined indoors as well.  Or maybe he needed them to distiguish his camoflauge back backpack from the station platform floor.  Whatever the reason, by the expression on his face, he  seemed to already be in a bad mood.

As other passengers started queuing up, I very politely ask the tanned gentleman which line he was standing in.  He looked up from his cell phone in which he seemed to be deeply concentrating on, and gave me a very angry glare through his Brett “the hitman” Hart sunglasses.  And out of the blue, he give me a nudge with his big stubby arms and said, what’s it to you?

I was of course a bit surprised, but I stayed calm and responded, well you seem  to straddling two lines here, and I want to know which line you’re in.  Clearly but unnecessarily irritated, he then pulled his earphones out of his ears, and gave me an even angrier glare.  He then points to the poor innocient person to the left to him and says, I am standing next to him and have been standing next to him.  Does that make you happy?  He then puts his earphones back in his ear and continued his deep concentration on his cell phone.

Now I could have cut my losses and just left it at that, but I wasn’t going to let this guy intimidate me.  Just because he was wider than me and the majority of the Japanese population, and wore the same designer jeans that Brooke Shields wore during the early 80’s, didn’t give him the right to stand in two lines.  So I decided to have another go at him.

Clearly you’re standing in both the right and center lines, which is clearly not too fair to me or the person behind you in the right line.  I really think you should straighten yourself out, I said to him.  Again, he gives me the evil glare, and pulls out one of his earphones.  Obviously he was seriously annoyed at this point.  I was mentally preparing myself just in case he decided to get violent.

You are such a pest!  he responded.  He moved over to the right line effectively cutting in front of the person who had been standing there.  THERE!  Does that make you happy?  Now leave me alone! 

I felt that I had won the battle, but at the same time I also felt that I did the person in the next line a disfavor.  After all, he did line up properly.  So I felt a bit bad about that.  Am I being a bit too anal about this whole line thing?  Perhaps, but I also think its the principal of the whole situation.  Most Japanese people avoid all confrontation and conflicts as much as possible, and for the most part so do I.   In most cases, when they are annoyed or have been served misjustice, they’ll just give you a very emotionless and neutral look, or at most give you a very uneffective tisk tisk.  Very rarely will they speak out about it, and as a result guys like Mr. Jordache Look will take advantage of this and just muscle their way around at their expense.  So this was no longer about me getting my place in line, …so that I could get my seat by the exit, …so that I could exit the train quicker, …so that I don’t get trapped in a long line at the next station just to get off of the train platform, …so that I could catch my next train, …so that I could get to work on-time, …so that I could have a nice and efficient commute, …so that I could have a nicer day.  No, it wasn’t about that at all.  It was  more to do with telling this guy that he can’t push me around and get his way, and so I had effectively accomplished my goal and I had won.

And today, my efforts from yesterday’s commute had genuinely paid off.  I underwent my usual rituals and stood in line for the 7:10 train.  I also was able to conveniently be first in the center line as always.  And as I stood in line, I looked around to see if Mr. Jordache Look was around.  And just when I thought we wasn’t going to show his tanned and chubby face, out of the corner of my eye, I see his stout body park himself to the left of me.  And out of politeness and consideration, I scooted myslef over to the right a bit so that he could better accomodated his large figure in the line better.  Several seconds later I felt the large and nearly crushing embrace as Mr. Jordache Look wrapped his large hairy arms ,and huge dimply hand and stubby fat stubby fingers around my shoulder and said,  I am really sorry about yesterday man.  I was having a bad morning.  No hard feelings right?  I looked up as his dark round face wearing the same mirrored sunglasses her wore yesterday.  He had a big wide smile with the pearliest and whitest teeth I had ever seen.  No problem man, no hard feelings, I said.

The Worst Kind of Hater: A Self Hater

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The last presidential election truly changed me as a person, also my views on the world. Prior to the election, I was a registered republican, and had been for the last 19 years or so. I also considered myself a conservative, athough over the years, my views have moved over to the left a bit. I guess I can thank “W” for making me see the error of my ways. Nowadays, my views are a bit more independant. I share left and right side values.

Shamefully, I even admitt to even being a regular viewer of Rush Limbaugh’s conservative commentary program which aired weekly on a syndicated television network during the early 90’s during the Clinton era. Although I didn’t agree with a 100% percent of everything he said, at the time I knew where he was coming from, and my views where in line with what he preached. Nowadays, everything that spews out of his mouth sounds like absolute rubbish. Now, having said that, I still hold a lot of conservative values, but I feel that the conservatism of the pre-“W” era is a lot different from what it is today. It has gotten a lot more extreme and almost (do I dare say) “radical”. Right winged conservatives seem more hateful and intolerant of anyone other than Christians (or white Christians) without even knowing about what other religions such as Muslim is all about. They seem to be more racist. It seems that a lot more hatred and anger comes from the right. Most of all, they seem to be less intelligent. And so I feel that I can no longer relate to those who are on that side of the spectrum and longer. That’s why I am now an independant. The “cool” party.

Lately, I have been getting my news from multiple sources, so that I can see multiple points of views of the same issues. My main news source is CNN, because they seemed to be the most neutral when it comes to politics. I know that many would argue that CNN is very leftist, and I tend to agree to a certain degree. However, CNN in my opinion is far less left than Foxnews is right. Foxnews is the most rightist news channel I have ever seen, but it is a source, hence I do watch it to get a contrast to news that I get from CNN.

In addtion to reading the news, I often listen to various commentators or commentary type programs on YouTube. My personal favorite is called The Young Turks, which is a left winged commentary program hosted by Cenk Uygur . I watch it mostly for its entertainment value because it is quite hilarious. And in the midths of trying to find a good right wing commentary program, I totally missed and ran into Michelle Malkin’s YouTube page instead.

For those who aren’t too familar with Michelle Malkin, she is a blogger, author, journalist (<-I use this term very loosly), and a regular contributor to Foxnews. She’s an Asian-American of Filipino decent. Both of her parents were born and raised in the Philippines, and went to the States to attend school. And according to her Wikipedia page, she attendend a University, and worked as columnist for various newpapers across the country.

Now, you’d think that a person of her ethinical and educational background, she would be all for civil rights, ethnic equatlity, and generally doing what’s right. Or a the very least, not to be such a raging bitch on national TV. I was wrong. Ironically, despite have immigrant parents and attending a university in which she classifies as being “radically left-wing”, she is extreme right right winged. So much so, that in her book, In Defense of Internment: The Case for ‘Racial Profiling’ in World War II and the War on Terror, as the title suggests, she is in favor of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II. She argues that with the intelligence gathered at the time, the American government was right in the racial profiling of thousands of Americans, and throwing them in concentration camps. Many of these Americans have been in the States for several generations, and had no ties to their Japanese ancestors in Japan. But due to ethinic profiling, many lost their properties and businesses, and were subject to living life as prisoners of war.

But that’s all ancient history right? It was okay back then but it’s not okay now right? All is gone and forgotten, and no Asian American would conceive of the thout of racial profiling …right? WRONG! During the democratic nominee for president campaign in 2007, apparently Hilary Clinton ran into fund raising issues with members of the Asian American community. In her statement to Foxnews, Malkin stated,

…I’m just sick of my fellow Asian-Americans playing the race card here, when in fact there is a very good reason we should be questioning dishwashers giving maximum amounts of money; people who can’t even speak English, don’t know who Hilary Clinton is, or simply cannot be found…

So, in other words, if you are Asian American dishwasher, and donating a lot of money to a presidential campaign, you should be questioned, because a typical Asian American Dishwasher is poor, can’t speak English, and don’t know who the presidnetial candidates are. Sound like racial profiling to you? It certainly does to me. It also stinks of racism, and in this case self hate. I mean come on Malkin! You are a part of the group people you are cutting down! Look in the mirror! You’re Asian! Why even go there? In fact, her comments were so utterly diabolical, that Keith Olberman of MSNBC named her the worst person in the world….TWICE!!!! Here is one of the two broadcasts:

Finally, I don’t particulary agree with everything Malik Zulu Shabazz (chairman of the Black Panther Party) or what he or his groupd stands for, but he really knew what buttons to press to expose the true Michelle Malkin in this video. Pay very close attention to what Malkin says, because it’s quite ironic that a woman of her ethnicity and the political party that she belongs to, would be saying something like this:

For those who missed it, let me quote some of the insanity coming out of this woman’s mouth.

“…Mr. Shabazz, you and your so-called party -how many members you have? 15? have made a career out of stoking racial demogoguery…”

She then went on to say

“…You should be a ashamed of yourself for profiting off of your racial poison..”

Um…don’t the republicans do that? And uh…are you a republican? Profiting off of racial poison?? Talk about calling a kettle black!

It’s women like this who really make me sick because it’s one thing to complete lose sight of who you are and where you come from, but it’s another to make a career of continually stepping on the very people that made you. Her parent’s must utterly humilated to have a daughter who hates them for what the are, and ashamed of what she is. Being half Asian myself, I know that if I didn’t anything like what she had made of life of doing, not only would I cast shame my family, but I would totally be an embarassment to everyone in my country. I can only assume that it’s the same for her.

If you want to know more about Michelle Malkin, and more about the utter nonsense she stands for, go to her blog site.