25 Things

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I wasn’t going to do this but I saw how much fun everyone was having with it, so…here i go.

25 things about me (for Facebook):

1. I have 2 names : Mirai Hayashi (Japanese name) and Bobby Hayashi (western name).  Most people know me by my western name.

2. My first language is Japanese.  Second is English.  I consider myself semi bi-lingual (not perfect at either language)

3.  I spoke Spanish until the second grade….I don’t speak or understand much anymore, except for the bad words.

4. I was born on a military base in Monterey California, and revisit the hospital whenever I’m in California.

5.  I spent most of my summer vacations in Japan as a kid.

6.  I am an amateur actor.  I’ve been in 3 TV commercials, 1 TV show, and a B grade motion picture in Japan, and helped direct two TV commercials.

7.  I am an amateur race car driver and team principal for Hayashi Racing.

8.  I voted for Obama in the 2008 election, even though I was once a registered republican.  I am now a registered independent.

9.  I have severe allergies, and had to be treated regularly as a kid.  I think things are a bit more under control these days.

10.  I am allergic to caffeine and chocolate, so I can’t drink a whole can of coke, nor eat an entire bar of chocolate without weird things happening.

11.  It was always my childhood dream to live and work in Japan someday.  Now I wish I was back in the States.

12.  I also wanted to be a psychologist since I was 9, and majored in clinical psychology in college.  Dropped it during my senior year.

13.  I was always a speed demon every since I learned to drive.  I had more than 10 moving violations and been in 2 major accidents before the age of 21.

14.  As a child, we moved around a lot, but I consider Tokyo and Davis my hometowns.

15.  I own three cars: 2 race cars and an SUV.  The SUV is actually faster than one of the race cars.

16.  I’ve never had detention in school.

17.  I was born on Christmas Eve, but don’t consider myself lucky nor unlucky.

18.  My favorite places are Karuizawa, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Kyoto.  My least favorite are Nagoya, New York City, and New Jersey.

19.  I’ve never broken a bone (to my knowledge) or been hospitalized for more than a day.

20.  I love the smell of fresh brewed tea.

21.  I hate coffee.

22. People use to mistake me for being Filipino.  Now I get mistaken for Thai, Malaysian, or Indian.

23.  I am not affiliated with any organized religion, but am interested in Buddhist and Pagan beliefs.

24.  My favorite soft drink is Root Beer.  Least favorite is Dr. Pepper.

25.  I smoked a cigerette when I was 15, and found out the hard way that I’m allergic to cigarette smoke.  Haven’t touched it since.

….and you thought you knew me…