Another Year Another Birthday

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Today was my birthday. I’ve gone from being just old to being really old. And to add insult to injury I had to give a presentation (twice) to our clients and their clients. But it went as well as expected so I can’t complain too much.

Having said all this, aside from putting on a bit of weight (since high school), I don’t think I look too bad for my age. As a matter of  fact, I was mistaken for being a twenty-something just a couple of weeks ago, and the last time I was in the States, I was carded while buying some wine coolers, so I guess I can’t be aging too badly. I still have all of my hair, and it hasn’t turned gray yet. As a matter of fact, I tend to believe that I have more hair on my head now, than I did in high school.

As for future goals, for now it’s just to continue to do what I’ve been doing for the past year, and to keep my head above water during these hard economic times.

New Updates

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WordPress came out with their second update in the last two weeks.  The latest one is point upgrade to 2.7, so it has some new features as well as a new interface.  At first glance, I wasn’t too pleased that WordPress changed everything around again, but when I got a good look at what they’ve done, I was pretty please.  Now I can get around to where I want to be a lot more quickly and with fewer click.

As for me, I took the Mini out for a ride yesterday afternoon.  It was the first time I drove it out of Yokohama since we got it last spring.  This is due to street legality issues we had before, since it is mostly a race car.  But we managed to get it to pass regulation and get it registered, so it’s street legal (barely) now.  I liked the way it perfomed.  For what it is, it drove quite nicely.  I think the decibal level did attract some attention, but it’s definitely not as bad as my cousin’s Alfa, which I can hear coming fro blocks away.

Next is the Integra.  It needs a bigger fuel pump which my mom will be bringing from the States this week.  I also need to swap out the exhaust and the brakes, but that will come later.  Everything else has been quite.  I’m looking forward to next weekend.  Seeing the relatives is always a pleasure.

December again

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Yes it’s December again. I think I’ve been starting my entries the same way every year. It may partially due to the fact that December is my favorite month, but probably more due to the lack of having anything else to write.

It’s been getting a bit colder in Japan lately, but not cold enough to snow. I’m hoping that it does snow this year. We got some snow earlier this year but it wasn’t too substantial.

Tomorrow I planto go to Tokyo to visit my grandmother. Apperantly, she hasn’t been feeling too well, so I just want to make sure that she’s okay.

On a sad note, seems like Honda is leaving Formula 1…again. Not too sure if is a financial decision, with F1 becoming increasingly expensive to finance even for the companies with big budgets, or if it’s because their poor performance. But either way, it’s quite disappointing news. But on the other hand, I was really happy that Lewis Hamilton this past season so it’ll be easier to give my full support next season. But I do hope that Honda returns to F1 in the not so distant future.

Finally, with gas prices returning back to the already expensive norm, Hayashi Racing can probably resume plans to get the Mini Cooper up to spec for some up coming races. I’m also preparing the Integra as well by installing a better fuel pump this winter. Hopefully I can finally get around to upgrading the brakes and cooling system as well.