A New U.S. President

Author: mirai  //  Category: Life in general

Last summer, I was genuinely split on who I would vote for president.   I thought that no matter who wins, they couldn’t be as bad as the current president.  But as time wore on, Obama showed true substance and leadership.  He encouraged bipartisanship and united the nation, while the McCain/Palin campaign seemed to have divided it further, and in a bad way.  I spent a lot of time scouring the internet and listen to many speeches and debates on YouTube as well as reactions from supporters.   Obama supporters usually came away from rallies with a renewed sense of hope and pride inspired by positive charisma that Obama projects, whereas McCain seems to accuse, name call, and point fingers, which caused his supporters to walk away from the rallies angry, divided, and even scared.

Coupled with the fact that McCain made a really REALLY poor choice in a running mate, his campaign became more and more disparate and seemed to grasp for straws by trying to convince the less educated and/or plain ignorant that the opposition pals around with terrorist, which showed that this campaign was out of ideas.  And unfortunately for the republicans, this strategy backfired on them and only served to create an even more frightened, angry, and disillusioned America.

I do think America is ready for a female vice-president or even president, but not just any token woman from off the streets like Palin possibly is.  The candidate needs to be experienced, articulate, and know the world around her like any presidential or vice-presidential hopeful regardless of sex, color, or religion.  This is something Palin severely lacked, and fortunately the majority of the Americans realized it before it was too late, unlike the last election and the one prior to that when we elected a complete idiot.   I also believe that believing that Palin could attract would be Clinton voters was the biggest flaw of the republican campaign.  Palin is definitely no Clinton.  Clinton is a person with years of experience in the senate, and with solid ideas on how to run a country right.  Palin’s hockey mom strategy seemed to be good at first, but ran dry quickly, and  became even more prevalent when the economy tanked and the US was in need of solid ideas, which Palin nor the republican campaign could come up with.  Would Palin make a good vice-president ?  Perhaps, but not now.  If I were her, I would run for senate first and spend some years getting REAL foreign policy and legislative experience.  Then perhaps in 2016, she can re-emerge as the new and improved Palin minus the SNL comedian/folksy hockey mom/gun toting Joe hunter persona, and become  a real serious contender for the republican ticket, with real ideas, and not just puppet who blindly regurgitates utter nonsense that her campaign manager tells her to.  Becoming the so-called diva, that her campaign called her could perhaps prove to be an invaluable asset in the future.  It shows that she can think on her own without the useless prompts. If she can re-emerge as another possible Hilary as opposed to a cutesy comedian , then she may do better.

Barack Obama ran a brilliant campaign, and never stooped to the level of his opponents campaign.  Even when things got really dirty, he remained gracious, humble, and intelligent -never giving into the trash being flung at him from all sides.  And in the end, he overcame near impossible odds and showed Americans that there is still hope.  This is exactly the type of leadership that America needs right now, someone who can successful use to diplomacy to end the wars, to come up with ideas that will fix this economy, and in turn repair the poor preception of our country by the international community.  Being an expat living abroad for the last 13 years, I look forward to the day when I can be proud to say I am an American to my international friends, or at the very least not feel that I have to hide my head in shame like I do now.