Some Random Thoughts I Had Today…

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I had some odd random thoughts today, so I decided to write them down thinking that they may be useful later in the future. It all started when a coworker from my office sent me email asking me to update my resume with all of the details of the work I performed for our clients in the last year. He had sent me a copy of what looked like the previous incarnation of my resume, but with a few changes that were obviously added by our sales team to market me better to our potential clients.

One of these so-called changes was to my education details. Under “degree” it stated bachelor of arts in Japanese Language in literature, which is correct. But under minor, there was “clinical science”. Hmmm, I don’t remember minoring in any clinical sciences. I did at one point double major with clinical psychology, and minored in theater arts which I was much closer to achieving, but opted to drop those concentrations in order to graduate earlier. Thus began my random thoughts:

I thought about my acedemic self, or the person who attended the university and managed to get a bachelors degree in 4 years, at a time when many of his classmates were taking an average of 5 to 6 years to graduate. I refer to this person as my acedemic self,  because aside from some similar charactistics in personality, the person who I am today is very different from the person who went to college in the early 90’s,  hence I consider him to be a completely different individual.

The acedemic me, although labelled acedemic, was far from being acedemic or studious in any way.  As a matter of fact, I probably did more studying in the last year on various topics pertaining to either professional or personal interests, than he did during his entire time he spent at the university.  He couldn’t be bothered with such mediocrity and mondaneness of student life. 

He was more interested in pursuing life as a working member of society, rather than having to get up at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday to slave at a seven dollar an hour part-time job with little or no chance of upwards movement, just to make enough money to pay for the required school books that he could only hope would transform his life into the life he had longed for.  He had admired the lifestyle of the professional, making professional wages, and living in glamorous high-rises that over looked the entire city, rather than having to attend boring classes day after day, and struggling month after month to pay the $500 rent for an old run down studio apartment in the middle of downtown San Francisco.  

He dreamed about having fancy dinners on the top floors of fancy hotels, sipping on champagne, and taking in the views of the city while pondering where in the world he would spend his next vacation, rather than skimping and scraping enough cash together go shopping at the neighborhood grocery store to a buy a week’s worth of food, and then gasping when the total grocery bill when it exceeded twenty dollars.  Vacation was never in his thoughts, unless his parents paid for it.

Dreaming about driving a BMW convertible, with the top down along the Pacific Coast Highway on a clear cool day, listening to his his favorite tunes on a car stereo that would  take him more than his current month’s wages to buy, was a daily occurance. When in reality the best he could hope for was a fogless outing in his beat up Toyota, trying to listen to his favorite music out of a built in car stereo that would distort the sounds and intermittantly switch to mono due to the heat that warped his cassette from leaving it in the hot summer sun too long. 

All this drove him to be very impatient, probably one of the few if not the only traits that I still share with him.  However,  our impatiencies are different.  His was the impatience of youth, a rather euphoric sugar-coated way of saying that he we was a very hasty hot head, who often moved on impulse rather than careful planning, and with little thought for the consequences for what may happen. It was this impatience that led him to believe that his mission was to do whatever it took to get out of his acedemic career which referred  to as the doldrums of his life. He longed for freedom; freedom from monotiny, freedom from the meaningless exams and essays, freedom from working at a dead end job that paid unliveable wages, but most of all freedom to enjoy life without institutionization.

Fortunately for me, he had enough intelligence to understand that dropping out was never the solution nor the plan, and that it was essencial to graduate with a degree in hand.  However, looking over his acedemic transcripts from the previous years, he soon realized that he had yet to even start his second major let alone come close to graduating with two degrees.  He did however have enough credits to graduate with one degree, and possibly a minor in theater arts should he choose to stay just one more semester….  No! No more school!  No more semesters, no more books, and no more having to live like a…like a…   like a student!!!  It was time for him to get his  act together and move away from this life of acedemic imprisonment, and become a person.  To an asset to society and not a deficet to his family.  To become an adult! To become me!  …And so he did.

Although now I have the financial ability to sip champagne in fancy restaurants, and travel to most parts of the world (providing that i get a day off from work).. I don’t, nor do i have the desire to.   An occasional vacation is perfectly fine for me.  I still don’t own a BMW convertible and I probably never will, because I am perfectly happy with my Honda, Subaru, and Mini Cooper.  And I don’t live in a high rise apartment building that overlooks the entire city, but I do have a gorgeouse house on top of a hill with all the ammenities that I need.

So if I had it all to do over again would I?  P erhaps other than  getting that minor in theater arts (since it is something I still enjoy) completed, I don’t think I would change much.  And if I could go back in time and talk to my my acedemic self, I’d probably tell him to slow down and also not to beat himself up so much for thinking he made the wrong choice.  You did good!  You did good!

Bah! Silly Trends!

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Lately, I’ve been going to cafe’s almost religiously during my lunch hours to either read books, or just to listen to music on my iPod and relax.

I remember during the days when I lived in San Francisco, when there was no such thing as a Starbucks or an Excelsior, going to cafes was a less trendy thing to do and left to those who wanted to look posh, cultured, intelligent, or even fashionable.  At least in my own mind, this was my opinion of those who wasted their money and their lives at cafes.  Not that I look down upon anyone who go to them, but I always thought it was pretty silly to pay three dollars for a cup of tea or coffee or whatever, and sit there and drink snobbishly just so that they can look cool. Outrageous!!

And now, here I am several years later, sitting in a cafe sipping on some overpriced concoction of what amounts to be no more than a cup of Lipton and a squirt of Cool Whip, with a silly name that’s even more difficult to pronounce than my own name, doing the very thing that I harshly criticized and thought was obsurd several years ago.  Even more outrageous!


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August has to be by far my least favorite month of the year. Its hot, humid, long (31 days with no holidays), and since its summer break for most of the kids, the trains are usually packed with kids.

Over the weekend, I painted the garage (or a least a part of it). The previous owners of the house had built some shelves and and tire racks. They are quite handy, but since they’re made of scap wood, they kind of looked a bit tacky. So I picked up some red paint from the hardware store and painted them red. It improved the looks a bit, but I still need to paint the rest of it. The next step is to paint the walls and waterproof or tile the floors. Not sure which to do.