Writer’s Block

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I’ve just begun my first attempt at writing a children’s book. I have a very general idea of what the plot is going to be, but I have yet to fully develop the characters, or come up with an engaging storyline. I guess I’m putting too much thought into it, and I should just really let my thoughts flow a bit more. It kind of sucks having writer’s block only after the first page.

I’ve also struggled with deciding which voice to tell the story in: first person or third person. Personally, first person would be easier to write for me. Most of my favorite stories are written in first person, so I feel more comfortable with a hands on point of view. However, the biggest disadvantage in writing in first person is not being able to be as descriptive as I like, especially when the main character is only 12 years old.

But I would like tell the story from a point of view of a child so that the audience can relate to the character better. I guess a good writer can come up with creative ways of incorporating methods of being very descriptive in a first person voice without the character sounding too much like an adult. I have still yet to figure out how to do that without sound like…well…me.

I guess I will just have to continue reading other books to get a better idea on how to be more creative. I just hope that an idea for engaging story come to me soon.

Endurance Race at Motegi

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Last Sunday, I went to Motegi to watch my cousin compete in a 12 hour endurance race.  It was quite interesting to see the different cars compete.  There were cars that were quite obviously highly modified, and others that seemed close to stock.

My personal favorites were an orange Mini Cooper, a Honda Beat with a nostalic 1970’s John Player’s Special Formula1 livery, and Le Man’sinsh modified S2000 with no windshield.  My cousin raced  what looked to be a moderately modified Alfa Romeo 155 V6 from the garage he uses.  He ran two one hour legs.  We are looking to compete sometime next year using Bloody Mari.  I’m not sure if we have the car or the manpower to do a full 12 hour run, so we might start off with something shorter, like a 3 hour run.  If the car survives, and we survive, we might go for a longer race, providing that we can find some more drivers.

Here are some picures from the weekend: