A Joint Venture

Author: mirai  //  Category: Life in general

For the last couple of months or so, my cousin and I had been throwing around the idea of buying a race car to enter into an endurance race next year. It wouldn’t be anything too fancy, new, or expensive. Just something simple and fun. We threw around some ideas, but since have similar tastes in what we think is cool, it didn’t take long to agree that the Rover Mini Cooper is the car of choice.

The Mini (not the MINI crap that BMW makes now) but the real Mini is a no frills car that is relatively inexpensive to maintain and simple enough for even the novice to tinker around with. After looking around for about a month, we found a real beauty in Kyoto. Its already race-ready complete with roll cage, adjustable suspension, and race exhaust so there is very little modifications if any that needs to be done. Its ready for the course as-is. My cousin and I will be going down to Kyoto after GW to pick her up.

some pics…