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Over the last several weeks, I’ve spent nearly 200,000 yen on upgrade parts for the Integra, not to mention buying second car all together which cost nearly 1,800,000 yen.  For the most part, I like the new car.  It’s much easier to drive than the Teg, because  for one thing its an automatic.  No shifting to worry about, but I do use the sports shifter a lot so I still do shift gears.  The Forester is only 10cm longer and 10cm wider than the Integra, but it feels a lot more roomier.  And although not as fast as the Integra, the Forester is very peppy and has a lot of torque from such a tiny turbo charger.  I guess the 2.0L boxer engine does have some power advantage over the Honda 1.8L (in stock form).

The cars parked in the garage.  And the Integra before her face-lift.

As for the Integra, the car no longer looks like it did before.  About 20% of the car’s body panels are now carbon fiber, and I’ve replaced the Top Fuel side skirts, with ones made by a company called First Molding.  The new skirts gave the car a very low profile  appearance, which took  a bit of getting use to.  The only thing I really dislike is the way they kind of curve out and away from the overall body.  It kind of reminds me of the side exhausts on old school C3 Corvettes (not as aggressively though), which I never really liked either.


It took two weekends to get it to its current stage.  I could have done it one weekend, but the carbon fiber hood was made to order and apparently took a month to make.  Although I was initially very mad at the company that made the hood for implying that the hoods were already made, I was pleased with the overall quality.


The CF hood was easy to install.  I didn’t realize how heavy the stock hoods were.  They weigh about 14 kilograms which is about over 30 pounds, compared to the measly 5  kilograms (about 11 pounds) that the CF hoods weigh.  The 30 pound hood was just light enough for me to remove it by myself, but not with straining my back, whereas lifting the CF hood was effortless.  If I could properly balance it, I could probably carry in one hand.

The new face of the Integra Type R race car …to be 

The new H badge

Another shot

Here’s a side view. 


My whole goal was not only to give the car a lighter and more practical body, but a fresh new appearance that mimics the looks of the 2001 NSX-R Concept car. (see below)

2001 NSX-R Concept