Another update already?

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Seems that WordPress has published another update. The new version is 2.31.  Although I have yet to be hacked (knock wood), I guess best to apply the security update.  It was just a matter of overwriting the existing files, no database update needed so it was very easy.  Hopefully the next version has some functional enhancements as well

Almost done!

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Over the last few days, I have been making modifications to the graphics to the Glow 3.0 theme with my own pics.  The two pictures are pictures of my car tinted red to match the overall red and black theme.  I’ve also added a couple cool widgets to make it bit easier to see my pics.  WordPress 2.3 has been working quite nicely, but I still don’t see any huge differences of benefits from the previous versions.  I was hoping it fix the problem I was having with trackback and pingbacks.  Only time will tell.

New Look

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This is the new look for my site.  It’s a modified version of the Glow theme.  The picture in the header is actually a picture of the West Shinjuku district of Tokyo (where I work) with a silouette of Mt. Fuji in the background.  I created the header off of an actual picture I found on Google.

I’m still making modifications to it, so it will be a couple days before I get it to the way I want it.  But its a start.

Time to change

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Yeah, I know that the title sounds like a corny song from the Brady Bunch, but its appropriate for this post.  After nearly six months of using this sepian theme, I think its about time to change to a better one.  The sepian theme seemed a bit buggy, and looked different depending what browser you’re using.  I think its time to switch to something a bit more standardized and supports widgets too.  I also have a sneaky feeling that this theme is prohibiting me from getting pingbacks and trackbacks.

So its time to change. 

Happy 8th Birthday! Playing Tag

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Lately, work has been quite busy.  Adjusting to the new office has been a challenge, but the people have been quite nice so its been good.

The house has cleaned up quite nicely.  The guest room still needs work but the tatami room is ready for decoration, as well as the living room.  The bedroom  looks awesome now and is by far my favorite room in the whole house.

The dogs have been quite hyperactive lately.  Today is their eigth birthday and they show no signs of age. They love chasing each other around the house, as noted in  an earlier entry.   The dogs have been quite entertaining, especially Princess, who still prances around like a little puppy when she plays whith her squeaky toys. 

Below is yet another video of the dogs playing tag around the house.  Enjoy.

Upgraded to 2.3

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I have been using wordpress for a little over 6 months and I must say I am quite impressed.  It hasn’t failed me once since the first day of implemetation.

Yesterday I ugraded to 2.3.  At first, I was a bit apprehensive, because 2.1 has been very stable, and I probably won’t all of the new features in 2.3.  But after I successfully deployed on my developement site, I found it simple enough to on my production sites. The process was amazingly quick and problem-free.

Two thumbs up for WordPress! 

Having fun with the dogs

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Lately, the house has really come together.  I had originally had bought a reclining chair for the living room, but it was kind of big and made the living room look smaller than it really is.  So, I decided to move it upstairs and made a little mini library in the bedroom.  Surpisingly it really works well.  The living room looks bigger now, and the big empty space in the north end of the bedroom looks well occupied. 

However, the color of the reclining chair, although perfect for the living room, but didn’t quite accent the bedroom as well.  I think a dark red color would have been a better choice, so I bought a cover for the chair.  Hopefully it makes it look a bit bettter.

 For some reason, lately the dogs tend to go absolutely crazy before bedtime.  They chase each other around the bedroom and roll around on the carpet a lot.  So lately, I have been playing fetch in an attempt to tire them out before I go to sleep.  But I tend to get tired out before they do.

The living room

The living room,. Still needs some decore work.

The mini library

The mini library

The brown recliner

The brown recliner


Princess enjoying the new rug