Makes me sick and mad at the same time!

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A couple of months ago, I bought a ceiling fan for the living room of my new house.  It took about three weeks for it to arrive, and another two days for the electricians to arrive to install it.  Since its so high up on the ceiling which is over 5 meters tall, its not easy to get up there to do anything.  As a matter of fact, if a light bulb ever blows out, I would either have to call someone to come and replace it, or I would have to use a real tall ladder to do it myself.

After the electricians installed it (which was a huge ordeal because of the height if the ceiling) the fan would not turn on.  Apparently, there was something with the wiring on the ceiling outlet, so I had to call the house technician to come out and take a look at it.  After several weeks delay, they finally came out just to tell me that the ceiling outlet was never wired.  (Hmm who’s fault was that?…certainly not mine!)  So I simply told him “wire it”.  I bought a $1000 ceiling fan and I want it to work!  After a few weeks of fiddling around and looking for an electrician to come and fix it, they finally came out and fixed it.  In my opinion, the electrical contractors screwed up by not wiring it properly in the forst place, so I shouldn’t have had to pay a single dime to come out and have it fixed.  But they insisted that the work was extra…so I would up paying another $500 for the work.

When everything was finally working I quickly realized two things that made me extremely upset. 1) One of the light bulbs didn’t light up.  2) The color of the light bulb was way too bright, despite me telling the sales person SEVERAL times that I wanted a natural color light.  Instead, they sent yellow flourescent light bulbs that made the whole damn room look piss colored.  It makes me SO damn angry everytime I look at the ceiling fan now, and its suppose to be the centerpiece of the room.

I immediately rang up the sales guy so I could give him a piece of mind and demand that he swap the light bulbs right away but he wasn’t available nor did he call back.  So, at this point I am on the verge of ripping someone’s head off over this.

 the fan

The ceiling fan is so damn bright it doesn’t even photograph right!!  GRRR!