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Lately, I have notice that I have been having a hard time with speaking proper coherent English. I would often forget vocabulary which causes me to pause a lot during conversations. Its quite embarassing sometime. I attribute it to not using English enough in my daily life. At work, I speak Japanese and often have to read and write in Japanese as well. So I think over time, my brain has decided that I no longer need to use English and has done some house cleaning on my vocabulary database, and disposed of my “rarely used” words.

Having said this, my Japanese skill have not really improved either. I often see perfect bilinguals who can swith in and out of either language without even as much as a pause, almost like and old 8-track player. For me, writing in English is not too difficult because I can carefully think about what I need to say before typing it in. Japanese is the opposite though. I can speak it with little issues, but writing it is a pain in the butt.

To write a short paragragh can take me an hour to complete (finding the right vocabulary, making sure that I am using the right kanji, making sure that the word being used is appropriate for the context of the sentence, making sure that my sentence is grammatically correct, making sure I am being polite enough (with use of honorific language) or even making sure that I’m not being too polite, etc…. Even after all of that, I often wind up going back and rewriting the whole sentence anyways….grrrrr!!

So lately, I have started a Japanese blog on mixi. It made me realize that I am really not as bilingual as I thought. I often have to go through several dictionaries to write a single sentence in Japanese, which sucks! My life and my education was completely centered around becoming a perfect bilingual, and it still has not happened. Maybe I need to have a “no writing in English” policy and go to Nova or something. I am really really curious as to what I would get on the Eiken test, TOEIC or TOEFL or whatever.

Still sick

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Yup…I’m still sick. Its not as bad as it was during golden week, but my sore throat won’t go away. Everyone in my office has the same cough too. I have a feeling that as long as I go to work everyday, by sore thoat won’t go away. aaarg!

My boss bought me a new laptop last week. Despite being a crappy Dell, its quite nice! I am using it now to write this blog. Lately, I have been addicted to HD radio. Its basically radio that plays a specific genre of music with no commercials. I stream it through my laptop at work and listen to it all day.

While I was in Atlanta a couple of months ago, I also bought this thing called a “slingbox” per advice of a co-worker. Basically, is a contraption that you hook up to the internet on one end, and a cable TV box on the other end. So whatever the cable box is receiving, it streams it across the internet to virtually any PC that has the software installed. Kind of like location-free TV in Europe. So now I can watch TV in the States on my PC. Its quite nice, but lately my mother’s pet sitter if hogging the cable box so I have to watch what she watches until she leaves the house of goes to sleep. That’s one of the drawbacks of this thing, is that you can share the cable box. The cable box that my mom has does accept two separatere receptions, but the problem is that I can only change the channels on one of the receptions.

My latest annoyances:

Only until recently has this really bothered me, but I HATE women ( or I should say girls) who wear high heels that make a lot of noise! When I am at the station, I often hear this “CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK!!!!” sound runding down the stairs. Its SOOOO annoying. Its usually women in their late teens or early 20’s ( although I have seen older) who wear these UGLY cheap looking shoes with what appears to be plastic soles.

I don’t mind a suttle “clok clock clok” sound, but these are just LOUD.

Anyways, that’s my gripe for the day. Life has been boring.

Old Pics

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My mother is back in Japan so I went to Tokyo just to say hi. Apparently, she’s on a short stop over and then she’s off to Egypt.  I kind of wish I could go because I’ve never been there before.  But,  I’d rather to go to Europe.  Maybe someday she’ll invite me to go..yeah right!

While I was in Tokyo I managed to grab a few photos of my grandmother of when she was very young  They are very old photos; some of them were torn, and delicate so I didn’t want to remove them from their frames for fear that I may really damage them.  So I did the ghetto thing and just tool a picture as best as I could with my digital camera.  Despite some of the reflections, they didn’t turn out so bad,

Today is last day of golden week. so its back to work tomorrow.    The lame part is that I was sick all week  Although my fever is down, I still have a really sore throat.  Hopefully I am better by the end of the week.

Anyways, here are the photos:

According to my grandmother, the baby is my mom, the boy is my uncle, and the girl at the end is my aunt.. 

My grandmother, aunt and uncle

Not sure if the baby is my uncle or my mother here…

Not feeling well

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For the last couple of days I have been really ill. On Tuesday, I woke up feeling really dizzy as I were hung over. I figured that I may have slept in an akward postion, but on top of my dizzyness, I also had a really bad headache and sore throat.

I took my temperature and it was not good. 39.10 degrees celcius (which is about 102 degrees in fahrenheit. A couple of degrees higher and it would be quite serious. So for the last couple of days, I’ve been drinking nothing but orange and grapefruit juice and keeping myself in bed.

Last night, I sweated so much, I had to change my clothes 3 times. My sweats were drenched as if I had jumped into a pool or something. But this morning, my temperature was back to normal. My throat is still sore, but I guess that will go away in time