More Pics

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The last couple of days have been uneventiful and borning, so there isn’t really much for me to write.  Here are so more pictures from my trip to San Francisco:

Here is a pic of the crappy airline food United serves.  I actually could not any of it.


I went to Stonestown mall on my last day in San Francsico to take care of some last minute shopping.  With all of the cars in the parking lot, you’d think they were open.


Unfortunately, I was greeted with this sign.  I wish that the management at Stonestown would realize that not everyone is Christian nor celebrate Christian holidays, and that they should have open the mall for at least a half a day.

Japan Town was holding their annual Cherry Blossom Festival.


This is 5th street in downtown San Francisco. 

The sign telling me its time to go

And the last sign telling that I’m home

Golden Week

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Golden week has officially started for me as of now. Unfortunately, I have no plans. I called my grandmother last night to ask if I could borrow her summer house over the break ans she said yes. She said the air conditioner is not working in the house, but its still quite cool outside so I don’t think I will really be needing it.

One thing that kind of sucks is that, for a while, I was the only other person who she gave the keys to the house to. My cousin Tsugu goes out there from time to time, but he has to explicidly ask for permission and the keys from my grandmother in order to use the house. I don’t think my grandmother trusts him, and I totally don’t blame her after an incident where he lifted a wad of cash (naybe about $1000) from my grandfathers wallet when he was alive. He was a little deliquent back then and I don’t think he’ll ever have a clean slate with anyone after that.

I learned that my grandmother recently gave another set of keys to my other cousin Ryo and his wife. Although I was told that I was welcomed to go out there anytime I wanted, out of curtosey and respect, I usually ask for permission anyways. After all, it isn’t my house, and I am sure that my grandmother would like to know when her hous is being occupied. Apparently, Ryo NEVER asks. He just goes. I was a bit irritated when I heard that. Absolutely no respect what-so-ever. He should at least let her know IMHO.

I really wanted to spend a quiet week out in the country, but even my grandmother doesn’t know if Ryo is going to be out there or not. Its not that I don’t want to spend my break with Ryo, but he has a small son, who seems very undeciplined, so I think thats more stress than anything else.

I just completed my week with making a great presentation to Nissan with my design for their card security infrastructure. They didn’t really give me a yay or nay, but my boss told me that up until today, they had rejected every single plan that we had presented them. Today was the first time they really listened and gave any kind of consideration to anything we threw at them. There were a lot of positive nods. Perhaps its because I’m a new face to the project…not quite sure, but my boss was pretty happy. And to think, I whipped up those designs in only a couple of hours.

Pics from my trip to the City

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Okay, as promised, here are some pictures I took while in San Francisco.  I took them at random so some of them may not be too interesting.

I took this picture from my window because there was another 747 flying near by.  You can’t tell from this photo, but the plane was quite close.  I could even see the windows on the plane and tell that it was Luftansa Air. I guess the skies are getting crowded.

My room on the 16th floor of the Hilton in San Francisco.  It was small, but can’t complain…the comapny paid for it.

This is the picture our school library at my University. 

This is Humanities hall, probably the oldest building on campus.  I spent most of my acedemic life in this building studying Japanese literature in the hopes that someday I would be able to live and work in Japan.

The next day, I stopped by my hometown, Davis, which is about 80 miles northeast of San Francsico.  Gotta love the welcome sign.

I think Davis is the only city in the world now that officially runs the old London Routemaster double-decker buses in production since the city of London retired them recently.  I think Davis Unitran owns four authentic London double-deckers, and its been an icon of this little cow town for a while now.

This is the sign in front of my high school.  Usually when one goes back to their high school after 16 years, you’d think things would seem a lot smaller.  But this was literally a lot bigger than when I was a student there.

This is the theatre where I did community theatre.  We did an odd little play called The Incredible Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria.  I had a very minor role, but it lauched my hole high school theatre career.  Unfortunately, the theatre was closed for spring break.

I kid you not, this is an unedited photo.   This Japanese restaurant use to be called “Tokyo” until at least 3 years ago, and “Shogun” before that, when I lived in this town.  Now its called “Mirai” (laughs).

The kanji is not quite right though.

Look at that gorgeous pizza!!!   Two HUMONGOUS slices for less that $7.00!   This would have easily cost double or more in Japan.

One of the very rare clear fogless days at the Golden Gate Bridge.

This isn’t my car of course.  It belongs to our training instructor.  We went karting after class, hence my race suit.  I didn’t do as well as I should have done. I placed 5th out of 9.  But I did have one of the fastest laps, so can’t complain.

I will post more tomorrow…

Happy Bithday Hanako

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Today, I took a long sloppy lazy one and a half hour lunch break. Not too uncommon though to be honest; a lot of people do. But this the first time I did it since I transferred to the Nissan account. This account is pretty easy. A lot of the engineer and planning is basic and its something I have done several times in the past so its pretty much a no-brainer. Plus, unlike with the other account, my colleague and I work well to do a lot of the research and testing, so I’m basically just floating through. The only thing I really need to do is understand the logistics -know what can and cannot be done technically, and the rest is cake. This was the whole point of my trip to California last week, to get the logistics down. I’ve basically already finished the planning stage, but I’ve decided not to present it to the boss until the due date. This will give me time for my colleage and myself to test it and iron out any problems and bugs before my boss presents it to our client. So, all in all, things have been quite boring. My boss even told me that there was no point in showing up for the two days before golden week next week, so everyone is staying home. That gives me a long 10 day vacation. Yaaaaay! But no plans or money to do anything…boooo!

Anyways, the reason for my long fat lunch break was to meet up with Hanako. She was sweet enough to come all the way out to my office on her final day in Japan AND her birthday. I wish I could have treated her to more than just a cup of coffee at Excelsior on her birthday, but we both didn’t have too much time. (Maybe next time…ne) We had a pleasant chat about life in general. Hanako is quite intelligent and definately the type I like to hang out with. Its too bad that my business trip overlapped her time in Japan; would have been nice to to hang out with her more.

I am still lagged from my trip. I still tend to get up at 5am and get sleepy during the mid-afternoons, and then fall asleep around 10PM. Today wa s bit better though. I woke up at 6AM and I’m not sleepy..yet.

My trip to CA this time, was a bit weird because I had an overwhelming sensation the whole time that I really didn’t belong there, almost like an out of body experience. But I am back in Japan now. Hopefully I don’t have to go anywhere else for at least a couple of more months. I will post pics of my California adventure later….

Missing the City by the Bay

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Well, my trip to SF has been extended another two days thanks to my colleague. He totally fell in love with the city by the bay, and didn’t want to leave, so he managed to convince the boss to let us stay another 2 days. I was a bit surprised, because I didn’t the boss would go for it but he was totally cool about it and agreed. We were suppose to leave today, but we will be staying until Monday. I will have one free day tomorrow to do anything I want, but I have no plans. I just emailed a friend that I went to college with to see if she wanted to hook up tomorrow, but its such short notice I doubt that she will bite.

A couple of niights ago, after work, we all went to a go-kart track in Fremont to do some racing. Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty good a karting. But not to make excuses for doind poorly, my kart was not quite up to spec. I managed to pull 20 second laps which people told me was pretty fast for someone racing the first time at that course. But unfortunately I still placed 5th in the race, which for me sucks.

I have mixed feelings about going back to Japan. I liked my time in San Francisco; it was like having another vacation for free, but I am getting tired of life in a hotel room. I think it is time to go back.

Stateside boredom

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Starting yesterday, my days of not doing much but hanging out and enjoying the city, came to an end. I had to actually start work. Well, it isn’t real work. I am here for training, so its been quite interesting.

The training is in Fremont which is about 40 minutes or so away. So, my colleague and I commute there every day. We had a choice to stay in a hotel in Fremont, but that would have been quite inconvenient for both of us since there is nothing in Fremont.

We had a conference call with my boss last night and our instructor managed to convince him that we should stay a couple of more days for “extra” training. My boss was okay with this, but the airline company wasn’t. Apparenty the air tickets that we got from my company are the cheap tickets; the kind that you cannot change the flight dates on. The accounting department said that we were free to buy new tickets as long as we got approval from our boss. So right now we are trying to get approval. If things go well, I will be here at least 1 or 2 more days.

A Salute to Gus!

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Today, I went back to my hometown, Davis as I usually do when I come to California.  This time, I went to some places where I didn’t get a chance to go on previous trips.  Some of these places may sound really boring but they have a sentimental value in my heart.  For example,  I went to the city’s vetran’s memorial center.  This place is significant to me because it was where I did my very first community theater.  I also visited my elementary, jr. high, and high school.

At the jr. high school, as I was walking across the quad,  I saw a guy wearing an baseball taking really loudly on a cell phone,  I don’t think he noticed me walking almost right along side of him though. His voice sounded really familar, so I tried to get closer to see if I could recognize him.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good look, but I strongly suspect that he was my 7th grade math teacher, Kristopher King.  He looked a lot older and grayer than he did when I was in his class.  I think he even got remarried to another math teacher there, formerly known as Pat Stowers.

Here is an old picture I found when I googled his name (laughs)

I know that this picture has got to be pretty old because he looks exactly like he did when I was 13 years years old, and that was many many many MANY years ago.  Anyways, here is a little tip for you youngins who happened to have stubbled upon my blog whilst looking for dirt on Mr. King.  First of all, a fore warning, Mr. King is a very tolerant person; he had to me to tolerate the b.s. we put him through. But there is one thing he does not tolerate and that is disrespect.  So if you decide to do this, please note that you have been fore-warned and be ready for some serious detention time. (laughs)

One of my classmates (at the time, and 8th grader) named Jason Busby somehow found out that Mr. King’s nick name is “Gus”.  I think its because his middle name is “Augustine” or something along those line.  Mr. King despised his students who called him anything other than Mr. King ESPECIALLY “Gus”.  Calling him Gus will earn you an instant detention, sometimes for several weeks.  I think Jason Busby was the ONLY repeat offender.  I have never had detention with Mr. King or any of my teachers for that matter.  But I must admit something, Mr. King did give me detention once (I don’t remember why though), but being pretty absent-minded and somewhat airheaded at times, I completely forgot I had detention and never went.  But lucky for me, apparently Mr. King forgot too.

Yup Back in the States…again

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I am writing this entry from the 16th floor of the Hilton hotel in San Francisco.  Yes, I am back in the States.  I’m not alone though; my colleague from work is with me.
We arrived yesterday afternoon.  Originally, we were suppose to stay at a hotel in Fremont, but luckily they lost our reservations so we both agreed that it be much more convenient to just get a place in the city.  So we got separate rooms at the Hilton.   Even though we got separate rooms, I was sure that they would put usright next to each other, or at least on the same floor, but our rooms aren’t even in the same building.  So it feels like I am traveling alone.
My colleage is a cool guy though.  He’s a bit quiet and kind of goofy, but he’s smart enough to get around by himself so he doesn’t tag along everywhere I go.
We are actually here for a training seminar, but the seminar doesn’t start until Tuesday, so we’re both just kicking back and enjoying the city until then.
I was originally thinking of coming to San Francisco later this year, so this is really nice for me.  Plane fare, car rental, hotel and all meals are paid by the company so its like a free vacation!!  Can’t complain!

Pictures from my trip

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Starting tomorrow, I will be working at our head office in Shinjuku.  For me, this is a mixed blessing.  Its a good thing because I now no longer have to deal with the office and people politics at the customer site.  It has really been stressing  hearing complaints day after day from both the staff and from the upper management.  And to be honest,  I am glad to be leaving.  The bad part is that I will be leaving all of the people whom I grown close to; but I guess its no real big deal.

My new boss called me at home on Friday night and asked if I was up for going on a business trip to San Francisco next week.  Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t even have to think about it.  But considering that I had just come back from Atlanta less than a half a week ago, I sort of hesitated.  But hey, its a free all expenses paid trip to San Francisco, so I would be a fool to refuse.  So its a back to the States for me.

Here are some more pictures from my teip to Atlanta:

pics of the neighborhood homes

A pic of Atlanta that I took from the plane

I thought this was a cool shot.  Its a pic of another plane from my plane.

This is what Delta Airlines serves at a part of their in flight meals.

And people wonder why Americans are so fat.

A pic of our approach into LAX

Since I was stopped over for a day, I got a room at the Holiday Inn.  They were completely booked so the gave be a free upgrade to a suite.


I will post pics of Disneyland in my next entry……..