Another TV appearance?

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It’s Saturday and I have to work today.  But its no biggie.  We’re doing a machine room expansion project, and I am just here to supervise the whole operation.  This also gives me a chance to finish up some unfinished work.
I am becoming a strong believer of jinxes.   It seems that everytime I tell someone about something good that will potentially happen to me, it never happens or something goes wrong.  So lately,  I have been quite apprehensive about telling anyone about the stuff that’s going on around me.
However, there is one thing I did want to share, and I sincerely do hope that I don’t get jixed on this because I really do want it to happen.  Yesterday, I got a call from my talent agency.  It was the first time since the summer, so I was pretty surprised.  I was beginning to think that they had forgotten about me and that my dream of becoming a star some day had diminished .  They told be that there will be an audition for a TV CM next Tuesday and wanted to know if Iw as I was available.  Being as busy as I am, Tuesday would be kind of difficult, but I do have a few holidays owed to me by company so, I might be able to squeeze out of work to do this audition.
My talent agent told me that they are looking for a very serious looking foriegn guy who speaks broken Japanese in a strong foriegn accent.  I laughed out loud because I definately do not fit this role (not as-is anyways).  My agent advised me that it will take some acting skills (which I do have a little of) and that I should do a bit a of a cosplay thing and wear some glasses or something.  Unfortunately, I do own a pair glasses because I am extremely far-sighted (15/15 vision or 2.0/2.0 by metric standards) and can’t see things that are too close.  So I guess I will just throw on a shirt and tie, and wear my glasses. As far as the foriegn accent, I guess I will need to practice.  There are a couple of foriegn guys at work who do speak with an accent.  I guess I will listen and immitate them.
The other thing is that I have to work with kids.  I am not too good with kids.  For some reason though, they all love me.  Perhaps its because I act like a big kid myself.  I love toys and video games, so maybe that’s why  they love me.  But I am a spoiled kid who doesn’t like to share his toys, so maybe that’s why me and kids (especially the small ones) don’t go well together.  But anyways, hope I get this one!  Wish me a broken leg!