New Job!

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Well,  its been quite a while since my last entry.  As I posted the last time, I really wanted to catch up on old hobbies and maybe even start new ones.  During my longer than expected summer vacation (will explain later), I found that I was spending much too much time online, and so I made a sincere effort to stay away as much as possible.

As I posted before, my main hobby has been working on my car.  But I felt that it wasn’t such a good  idea to work on my car because 1. Way too expensive 2. way too hot outside so I really can’t be bothered.  So, I figured that maybe I should work on my other hobby and that’s building  1/10 scale engine cars, but I have so many of them in my hobby room now, that I didn’t want to do another one.

So I decided to try something that I have never tried before and that was to build a model helicoptor,  yes a helicoptor…one that really flies.  I did some research on the net as to which is the best for a beginner like me.  I soon learned that helicoptors are not for beginners PERIOD.  They are expensive, so I decided to get a micro-heli which is a little bit longer than a computer keyboard.

It was a pretty delicate process building one.  I had bought mine from a dealer in the States, but the factory is in Germany, so the instructions were in German and poorly translated English. but I was able to figure it out.

After I built my heli, I tried flying it and it made an immediate bee-line for my dog, (who’s really not of afraid of anything and so she sat there)…Luckily I was able to control the crash and it barely missed her.  Dumb dog!  So Lately Have been practicing flying it around my living room which is really hard.

My LONG summer vacation is coming to an end…FINALLY.  It was a bitter-sweet summer break.  Bitter in that I didn’t get the job at the company I wanted which was Deutsche Bank by the way  They really pissed me off because they basically told me that I got the job last spring, hence I quit my previous company.  The hiring manager said that he would be calling me in for squaring away the final negotiations in mid-July, but July came and went without a word from them.  So I wound up contacting him directly (which I wasn’t suppose to do; this is my agent’s job).  He basically said that they were having ‘internal conflicts’ and wanted me to wait a while longer until they can be resolved.  I immediately e-mailed my friend at Deutsche, only to learn that she had resigned (or was forced to resigned) so I messaged her on her cell phone.  She said that Deutsche Bank was going through some kind of political issues and they had to terminate some of the staff.  So that told me that my chances of getting into the company that I always wanted to work for since the beginning days of my career, were dead.

So, I was back in square one once again,  and so I started contacting some recruiters again.  I immediately got hooked up with  about 10 different companies, but only two looked really interesting.  Out of the two, one looked really nice.  The job description looked very similar to that of the one being offered by Deutsche Bank which was to be a part of their Wintel server group, which were basically the green barets of the whole IT department.  The only difference, and the biggest difference is that instead of being a member of the team, I will be also managing the team, which is a small team of 4 wintel engineers.  So I really was interested and I really pushed for an interview, which I got.

I went to the interview about  2 weeks ago.  At the time, I must admit that my confidence level wasn’t as high as it normally is when I go for interviews.  The whole Deutsche thing really flattened my tires, so I prepared myself for the worst, which was not getting to the second stage.  And to add insult to injury, my agent told me that so far, everyone that bad been sent to this company for an interview for this position, had been turned down at the first stage.  In other words, there was no one at the second stage.

I met with the hiring manager who was really cool.  He also had his co-worker with him.  Basically we all hit it off  well.  We talked about the job description which sounded exactly like what I was looking for, so my interest had risen substantially.  We then started talking about personal stuff.  The interview lasted about an hour, which by experience is a good interview.  Anything more than 20 minutes is a good sign; anything less most likely means that they won’t be calling you back.  An hour is definately a good sign.

I went home more confident that I at least got to the second stage, so when I got home I started researching my notes on how to get through the second stage successfully.  This, turned out to be a waste of time.

I got a call from my agent the next morning.  First words, “what did you say to them?!”. Uh-oh. I thought.  I immendiately replayed the whole interview in my head trying to remember if I had said anything offensive or incriminating, but for the most part, it was a pretty good interview.  Maybe I was under-qualified?  Maybe I talked too much?!  Maybe I came across too cocky and over confident?? I tried to think of so many reasons why they’d want to turn me down, but I simply could not remember what I said or did.

“No call back, eh” I said.  Highly disappointed. I REALLY wanted this job.  It was exactly what I needed to boost my career and put me closer to my goal, which is to manage a whole department someday.

“No mate, there will be no second interview for you,” my agent said, My heart sank, and deep disappointent sat in.  I started to think of what my next options are, but I was too frustrated and disappointed at the same time.  Thoughts of going back to the States started coming into my head.

And then, at that moment he continued,  “They want to know when you can start!  Whatever you said or did in your inteview, you made a huge impression on them and they want you in, ASAP!”   My jaw dropped, and I went numb.  I didn’t  know whether to jump for joy or be very suspicious.  My emotions were very mixed.  I guess it needed time to sink in, but I wasn’t too estatic initially, despite the fact that the job rocks all over any job I had in the past or anything I had interviewed for in recent history.

“Okay,” I responded reluctantly, “Sounds cool, but this is kind of sudden.  Can you get a detailed job description with an offer letter.”  I also gave my recruiter the minimum salary that I would accept, which he relayed to the hiring manager.

Later that day, I got a series of e-mail from my recruiter saying that the company was not prepared to pay the salary that I was asking for.  He gave me a new figure and said “this is the best I can do for you”.  The salary was alright but much lower than what I was expecting.  I thought about it for awhile and thought, unless I get what I ask for, I am not going to be happy.  I will always feel as if I had “settled” on something that I was not 100% satisfied with, so I decided to take a risk.  I emailed back my recruiter and said “No deal!  I gave you a figure and I told you that that was my minimum.  If this company is not willing to pay it, I am totally willing to wait for one that can.  I am not in a rush, but it seems like they are.  Tell them to either pay what I am asking or keep looking”.

I was positive that they’d turn me away, since the figure I was asking for was above the range for that position.  But this is about me and what I want.  I really didn’t care if I was asking too much or about their salary ranges. If they really wanted me, they need to pay MY price. They need to make me happy.  And I was beginning to not care if I didn’t get the position. I was totally willing to pass up this opportunity in the hopes that another company would come along soon with an offer that satisfies ALL my needs.  I totally felt like that black football player in that Tom Cruise movie “McGuire”.  I almost put that famous line, “Sho me da money!” in my email, but I thought that’d be too silly and unprofessional of me.

I didn’t get a response back that day so the outlook looked pretty dim.  But in the process, I managed to schedule another interview with the other company on the list.  The job wasn’t quite as attractive, but their office was closer to home.  Probably the only real advantage. So I managed to convince myself at a very superficial level that this position was better, even though it clearly wasn’t..

The next day, I got the email I was expecting from my recruiter. Uh-oh, here is the let down, I thought. But by this point my mind had been thoroughly convinced by my ego that I was too good for them and that the other company was better (in reality, neither was the case).  And to my surprised, they totally accepted my ultimatum and the salary I was asking for!  In that same instance, all previous thoughts of the other company and me being better than this company, had disappeared. 

I read the rest of the email which said that the increased salary would be on the condition that instead of manageing the small team of 4 engineers, I would be managing two more support team of 8 to 10 people.  I jump from entry level management to middle management at a drop of a hat. I stared at the email for at least 20 minutes in disbelief thinking that I must not be reading it right.  At that moment, I got a call from my recruiter.

“Are you okay with the new terms?  This is a substantially a different position than you interviewed for, but it’s a huge opportunity and a short path to upper management in a very short time. Are you okay?”

Okay??!  Are you kidding me, I thought.  This is freakin’ awesome. More power and money after only two emails.  I must be the worlds best negotiator!  Needless to say that this has all has worked out quite nicely in my favor.

I played it cool with the recruiter, “That sounds a bit better,” I responded.

“Well, I gotta say, it took me a while to convince the manager, but he agreed tthat you are qualified to do the job.  You seem to have good leadership  and communication skills and he needs someone with that skill to change the team and whip them into shape” he said.

I responded, ” I am the dude that they are looking for, so as soon as they draft a contract, please let me know”

So I start as the manager of 3 of the 4 IT teams at that company. So by virtue, if I aquire the fourth team, I will be the IT department manager and will be in upper managerment, not that I am that power hungry. The thought is kind of frightening to be frank.  Just being able to work with a team again is good enough for me, because at my last company I was pretty much a one man show, because the two dorks I worked with had no clue as to what they were doing!  At least with this position, the team is as good as I make it, and I will be setting the standards pretty high.  My team will rock!

I will start on September 15th.  So wish me luck all..