In Pursuit of a Dream

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Today, I registered with another talent agency in Tokyo. They took a lot of pictures of my hands and face which I thought was weird. Nobody has ever taken pictures of my hands before, but I must admit, I do have some pretty hands (for a guy -laughs).

As I was leaving the office, the manager introduced me to rest of the staff. One of the ladies looked at me and said “you ‘re half Japanese? Wow you don’t look it, but your Japanese is perfect”.

‘Here we go again’, I thought. Now I’m gonna be lumped in with the other southeast Asian people in the hidden file cabinet at the back of the room.

She then proceeded, “what are you doing on the 2nd of August”…I thought about it for about a second and quickly realized that I have no life, so I responded, “nothing”

She then said “good, keep it free ’cause I have a job for you. You will be on a TV variety show. Nothing too major, but it may lead to other things.”

I was sooo happy. I can’t give details of which program and who will be on it until the actual taping is over, but its a pretty popular show and I watch it all the time.

This whole talent thing is kinda fun!

EDIT: Umm…Lately, my blog has been attracting a lot of strange people. I suppose that is the hole purpose of blogs, but from this blog forward I am making it private and only for choice eyes. I don’t mind sharing, but only with friends. If you know my e-mail address please contact me so that I can add you to my protected list. So good bye to the rest of the world!

A New Look

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After a year and a half with the same hairstyle, I finally had it all chopped off last Wednesday. I went to a place in Motomachi (Yokohama) that caters to foriegners. My stylist’s name was Chika, a very cute girl probably about my age. She was tall, thin and had short hair, and she spoke pretty good Englsih, but our conversation was in Japanese. I told her that I wanted to go back to having short hail, but nothing that required a lot of maintenance, or having to go back to get trims every two weeks.

After she had finished cutting it, I was quite surprised. Not because it was so short, but because, it looked a lot like something I had a while back. It was the “wet look” and I hated it. But Chika was so nice and so adorable, that I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I didn’t like it.

On the way home, I felt as if everyone was staring at me and my new out of date hairstyle. I just wanted to hurry up and get home so I could figure out what to do with my hair.

After what seemed like ages, I finally made it home. I immediately rinsed out the gel or whatever crap she put in my hair to make it look wet. After I did that, my hair stood straight up and I had no idea what to do with it. I still had a bunch of left over hair products from before. I tried gel, mouse, spray, and wax and none of it did any justice to my hair.

Eventually, I settled on using my Paul Michell freeze dry spray. I’m using it to do a spikey look. Not exacly what Iw was looking for but I guess its gotta do for now.

A couple of nights ago, I got a call from my mother. She’s seemed very happy about something. Apparently, my cousin Kanan has decided to move to Atlanta to go to a ballet arts school there, and so she will be living with my mother. Kanan looks exactly like my mom, so I guess she could pass for her daughter, and my mother always wanted a daughter so it works out pretty well. My aunt Yuriko will take Kanan to Atlanta next month, to check out the school,. And if all goes well, she will be moving there next spring after she graduates high school. I guess this is a good thing for all of us, because my mother will no longer be alone with Kanan there, my aunt Yuriko can relax now that Kanan will be in good hands, and I don’t have to be too concerned tif the event that something might happen to my mother and no one will be there to take care of her. And of course, this is a good opportunity for Kanan to polish her ballet skills.

Strange Dream

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I haven’t written an entry in awhile because my life has been a real bore.  I am techinically still on vacation and will probably start working with my next company next month (if all things go well).  So right now, I’m just kicking back and taking it easy.  This will give me time to do all of things I have been putting off for a while. Although I have yet to do any of them (except watching the whole Star Wars series from Episode I to VI back to back)

I had a real odd but very realistic dream last night.  As a matter of fact it was so real that when I woke up, it took me a while to realize that it had all been nothing but a dream.  Or maybe it wasn’t.

I am the only child in my family, but for the longest time, I have had this eerie feeling that somewhere out there, I have either a brother or sister.  I know that my mother didn’t have any other children before or after I was born. And, although I haven’t seen my father in almost 15 years now, but as far as I know, he hasn’t remarried (since my parents were divorced a long time ago), so I don’t think he has any other kids other than me.. 

But last night, I dreamt that I met my long lost sister.  She was in her late teens or early 20’s and possibly half caucasian.  She didn’t look anything like me or my father.  She had light brown curly hair, fair complected, freckles or remnace of what was once freckles. She had a very bright and cute smile, and seemed to be quite intellegent. Nothing indicated any blood relations to me in any way, and yet I knew she was my sister. 

Although I can’t remember the details of what we talked about, I do remember that the conversation was quite long and detailed.  And every word seemed to draw me closer and closer to her.  I think we mostly talked about ourselves.

She didn’t get into any details about my father or his whereabouts; it was more a converation about us.  We agreed that dispite our differences and similarities, that we should go on with our lives, and live as siblings. And everything seemed to make a lot of sense. This is really what I wanted and yearned for. 

But then, just when I though this “void” in my life was being filled, I woke up.  And when I woke up, for several minutes, it didn’t feel like I had been dreaming.  If felt as if I had really met this person, and it was the next day.  I felt as if I could wake up and give her a ring and see her again.  But then I realized, it was just a dream.  And I was really saddened by this.

I know that we all have dreams where we wished that it wasn’t a dream, but this one seemed that it had gone beyond that feeling of  “oh it was just a dream”.  Even now, I still think perhaps it wasn’t just a dream.  I still see this face in my head so vivdly of this person, and yet I have never met or seen her before.  And if it were a dream, wouldn’t it had made more sense for my brain to conjure up someone who was ethnically more similar to me, or looked more similar to me? 

 This was too odd even for me..