Nothing Much Going On.

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I have been spending my recent days quietly at home… Right now, I am doing some freelance web design work for company owned by a friend of a friend. It pays quite well for project work.

Last Friday, I spent some time with friends and went to Karaoke with Yuriko, Alex and Michiyo. I had so much fun, and I can’t wai to go again. Unfortunately, my voice was not 100% from drinking 3 shots of tequila the previous weekend with Michelle and Dominique. The tequila really burned my throat pretty badly. I can still feel the soreness to this day. I bought some honey today; I heard that it helps with the soreness.

Well that’s it…nothing else too exciting…

Left the Company

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I haven’t written an entry in a while …its been kind of a strange week. I am on vacation until June 29th and I have announced my intention to resign from my job. Actually, I have already submitted my resignation so it quite official.  I have considered going back to the States on a one or two year sabatical to get a degree, but I think I will save that until some other time,

I feel like I have been keeping this a secret for the last 6 months now.  Well, it’s not really a secret; at least it wasn’t meant to be one.  The deal is, every since the beginning of the year, the company I work for had taken a weird direction. A direstion that left me no choice but to leave the firm, because basically there is nothing for me to do then to be bored all day.  At first, I couldn’t figure it out ,but as time passed by it got more and more apparent that this company is losing money and had now need for an engineer.  They just needed a fix it quick guy, which i refuse to do at this stage of my career.

A friend, who worked at my company also resigned last October.  It was quite a shock to everyone because she was such a sweet person and she always looked so happy. She had announced that she was leaving a couple of days before my trip to Australia with little reason other than being unhappy and highly stressed.  I understood her reasoning but I wanted details so I took her out to dinner after I had gotten back from vacation.  She had told me that this company is losing money and will probably be making some cuts in the budget and staff.  At the time, It was very difficult for me to believe this, because we were spending money like crazy and hiring a lot of new people.  But, in January it became more and more apparent that this company is not doing well.

The first clue was, that some of the top managers were forced to resign.  I just thought that they all sucked, but then some of the really good workers were getting cut too. and they were all replaced with temporary staff.

Then our budget was cut drastically and most of my projects were cancelled.  After all that, my job became really monotonous and unbareably boring.  I would literally come in, do nothing for 4 hours, take an hour and half hour lunch break, then leave.. 

This was back in February, and after a few weeks of this, I decided that it may be time to move on, so I contacted my recruiter and he immediatly got me an interview with a company which I had been aching to join simce my first days of my IT career. As a matter of fact I had interviewed with then twice before (a few years ago) and never got to the second phase.  It is the holy grail of my whole professional life and if I get in, I would feel as if I have accomplished something quite big.

This time around, they had interviewed something like 30+ candidates in the first phase which consisted of of a 50 question techincal exam. I scored the highest at of all of them , so I was immediately chosen to come back for the second phase (which only 4 people made), which was a 30 minute interview with the department manager.  I hit it off with him pretty well and he told me that I was the best candidate (so far).  Last week, I was told that I  have a very good chance, by the hiring manager himself so, that was enough for me to just put in my resignation and call it quits.  I know it jumping the gun a bit, but I really couldn’t hack the boredom anymore.  It was a real chore just to get up to go to work everyday.  It got so bad that I nearly fell asleep at my desk a few times.

But I have intervied with 3 other companies as well, but they shy in comparison to the holy grail, so I am considering them as back ups. I don’t want to mention the name just yet for the fear I might jinx myself and feel really dumb and depressed in the event that I get turned down.  But I feel good about this! I’m pretty sure I will be posting good news soon!  Wish me luck everyone and burn a green candle for me!